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What is the salary of a federal judge?

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Article III federal judges are paid according to type of court they preside over. Although they receive cost-of-living increases each year, they have not received a substantial pay increase for many years.

2011 Article III Federal Judicial Salaries

$174,000 US District Court judges

$174,000 US Court of International Trade judges

$184,500 US Court of Appeals Circuit Court judges

$213,900 US Supreme Court, Associate Justices

$223,500 US Supreme Court, Chief Justice

2011 Article I Federal Judicial Salaries

$160,080 Bankruptcy Judges and Federal Magistrates

$174,000 US Tax Court judges

$174,000 Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims judges

$103,900 - $155,500 Administrative Law Judges
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Not enough information to answer; What country? Federal judge, state judge, county judge, municipal judge? Depending on many factors, judges get paid at different salary rates.

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The Constitution states that Article III federal judges' salaries may be not be "diminished," or reduced, during a judge's term of office; his or her salary may be increased, however.

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Federal judges are appointed to lifetime tenure 'with good behavior.' Their salary cannot be diminished by Congress. They are appointed by the President.

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How much does a federal prison guard salary

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There are actually few qualifications for a federal judge. A federal judge does not have to be a lawyer or even an education. The main qualification is a clean record and a history of honor.

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