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What is the scariest urban legend?


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me eating u alive

that's actually a matter of opinion. to me the scariest urban legends i know of are the smith sister's, bloody Mary, & Carmen winstead

theres a movie called urban legend and theres a whole lot of urban legends on it


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Legend yes, urban no. Try rural.

Urban Legend was released on 09/25/1998.

The Production Budget for Urban Legend was $14,000,000.

The story about huge alligators in sewers is an urban legend.

The duration of Urban Legend - film - is 1.55 hours.

there are 3 urban legend, urban legends final cut - where they are in the film college and urban legends bloody Mary

Well They are both myths and i believe Bigfoot is an urban legend

Urban Legend grossed $72,571,864 worldwide.

yes, its partially urban and defo a legend]

Urban Legend grossed $38,116,707 in the domestic market.

What links them is that they're both legends. If you somehow mean how're they different, an urban legend is a legend that is popular in a certain area, maybe because it involves the character or event in the legend in that area. A legend is something that is more popular than an urban legend and is known either around the country or world.

No- it is degenerative disease, and quite real. An urban legend is a story everyone knows about that is not true.

Urban Legend - film - was created on 1998-09-25.

"Snopes" is a website that allows you to check facts, giving you the ability to determine whether an urban legend is just that, a legend. There are also other websites like "About Urban Legends" and "Hoaxbusters" that allow you to validate urban legends and therefore debunk them if they are in fact untruthful.

No, that is an urban legend.

Weegee does not exist.

Legends are stories that actually have/had, though enverifieble, truth to them.

No,it's a fictional urban legend created for the movie.

I hate to break it to you but that was a hoax, urban legend. There was no murder of Carmon Winstead, The urban legend was started in 2006 though if that helps.

The cast of Urban Legend I - 2010 includes: Bradford Brandon as Jackson Stephanie Danielson as Misty

Alligators in the sewers of NYC, Area 51 are both urban legends.

No, that is only an urban legend.

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