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What is the scientific name for a spaniel?

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Q: What is the scientific name for a spaniel?
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What is the science name for a cocker spaniel?

the scientific name for a cocker spaniel is canis familiaris

What is a scientific name for a cavalier King Charles spaniel?

All breeds of domestic dog, including the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, have the scientific name CanisFamiliaris.

What is the scientific name for boykin spaniel?

The answer is Canis Familiaris. All breeds of domestic dog has this scientific name.

The scientific name for a springer spanial?

If you meant "Springer Spaniel," the scientific name is "Canis familiaris." All dogs share this scientific name.

What is the scientific name for the South Carolina state dog please help you?

Boykin Spaniel

How do you spell cocker spaniel?

That is the correct spelling of "cocker spaniel." (the dog breed name may be capitalized)

What is the scientific name for a Boykin Spaniel?

All dogs, no matter their breed or size are members of the Canidae family, called Canis lupus familiaris, or simply the domestic dog.

What is a good name for a springer spaniel?


Where does the cocker spaniel get its name from?

The Cocker Spaniel got its name from the game that they hunt, flush and retrieve - the woodcock. As you can see, the "cock" part of the word "woodcock" is in the Cocker Spaniel's breed name.

How many types of spaniel are there?

there are many, i may not say all of them, but i will say as many as possible;King Charles SpanielCocker SpanielBoykin SpanielBritanny SpanielField spanielAmerican water SpanielSpringer SpanielEnglish Toy SpanielSussex spanielAmerican Cocker spanielIrish water SpanielClumber SpanielWelsh Springer SpanielI'm sorry, their all the ones i know.

What does cocker in cocker spaniel mean?

"Cocker" in the breed name "Cocker Spaniel" comes from the "cock" part of "woodcock" - the game that the Cocker Spaniel was first bred to hunt, flush and retrieve.

What is the name of a cocker spaniel and a poodle?

a coca-poo

How do you name a cocker spaniel?

You can name it by how it looks or you can name it after someone. hope i helped thanx...

What should you name your webkinz spinger spaniel?

Name ideas:Mari, Jessica, and Rachael

What Name for blue cocker spaniel?

A blue cocker spaniel??? Well mine's called Zola and it fits the dog very well.

How did the English springer spaniel get its name?

the springer comes from that the birds would spring from the dog flushing it out. and the word spaniel comes from Spain

Is a king Charles spaniel named after Charles the 1st?

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel received its name from King Charles II.

Is spaniel a proper noun?

No, the noun spaniel is a word for any spaniel of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Julie Ann Spaniel DDS, South Burlington, VTSpaniel Dr, Austin, TX and Spaniel Road, Springfield, VASpaniel's Service Center (auto repair), Hatfield, PAEnglish Springer Spaniel Association of Queensland Inc.

What is the name of the dog with the name spaniel in it?

cocker spaniel. not sure how it's spelled but that's the best i got. there's other spaniels too but i cant figure it out on the top of my head.

What are all the dog breeds of spaniels?

American , English and Welsh Cocker spaniel American and Irish water spaniel English Springer spaniel Clumber spaniel Cavalier King Charles spaniel French and German spaniel Sussex spaniel Russian hunting spaniel Brittany Spaniel Large and small musterlander

Which president had a cocker spaniel name checkers?

Abraham Lincoln

What is the name if the red spaniel in 'Adam of the road'?


What is the name of the cocker spaniel in Open Season 2?


What country did welsh springer spaniel come from?

The clues in the name.

What is the name of a dog that is a spaniel cross poodle?

Cockapoos :D