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The scientifis name for the big horned sheep is Ovis canadensis.

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Scientific name for Big Horn Sheep?

Ovis canadensis

Difference between long horn sheep and big horn sheep?

Long horn sheep have long horns big horn sheep are big and have big horns!

How fast can a big horn sheep run?

A big horn sheep runs38.74.

Is a Big horn sheep male or female?

It can be both - Big Horn sheep is the breed.

Is a big horn sheep a herbivore or a carnivore or an omnivore?

a big horn sheep is a herbivore

How long do big horn sheep live?

big horn sheep live about 46-95 years

Why does the big horn sheep have big horns?

if the big horn sheep don't have horns then they would have to find a different way to fight over food

Do big horn sheep hibernate?


How do big horn sheep adapt in a grassland?

A big horn sheep adapts to the grassland because they horns to defend them,they camouflage ,and run fast.

Do coyotes eat big horn sheep?

No. Coyotes are not in the same environment as the Big Horn sheep and they live off of small rodents and animals.

Is desert big horn sheep a mammle?

all sheep are mammals!

Is a big horn sheep a herbivore?


What does the big horn sheep eat?


What do big horn sheep drink?


Are big horn sheep nocturnal?

of course

What is the ecosystem of the big horn sheep?


Is a big horn sheep a mammal?


Where do big horn sheep live in the rocky mountains?

they live in the horn peaks

What is the Indian word for big horn sheep?


What is the National Animal of Alberta?

The "big horn sheep"

What is a male big horn sheep called?

A ram.

Do big horn sheep eat insects?

No they are herbivores

What does a desert big horn sheep eat?


What eats mountain grass?

Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep and numerous rodents to name a few.

Do bighorn sheep live on mountains?

yes a big horn sheep lives in the mount.

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