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The "Wisdom teeth" are technically called the 3rd molars.

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What is the scintific name for wisdom teeth?

Third molar teeth (Wisdom Teeth) consist of the madibular and maxillary third molars

Why do they call wisdom teeth wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth because you get them usually around 18 when you are a legal adult.

What phobia is the fear of wisdom?

There does not appear to be a scientific name to describe the fear of wisdom.

Can you get your wisdom teeth removed if you have wisdom teeth removed?

there are only 4 wisdom teeth. If you're wisdom teeth is causing pain or discomfort, visit Wisdomteethsydney.com.au

What teeth is the wisdom teeth?

the wisdom teeth are the ones closest to your brain

What is the world record for amount of Wisdom teeth?

A person can only have four wisdom teeth.

Can your wisdom teeth cause crooked teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily crowd teeth. Some people who have had their wisdom teeth removed still get crowding, while others that still have their third molars erupted or impacted do not have crooked teeth.

How many permanant teeth do humans have?

28, not including wisdom teeth. With wisdom teeth, 32.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth taken out?

Most people require their wisdom teeth to be removed because they will shift the alignment of their other teeth, however if the wisdom teeth will not affect the other teeth they will not often be removed. Also 35% of the population will not develop wisdom teeth.

Can you get braces having wisdom teeth?

Yes you can get braces having wisdom teeth, and the wisdom teeth will not get brackets put on them but it is best to get the wisdom teeth removed with in at least the first year of having your braces to avoid your teeth not being able to shift correctly

How many wisdom teeth are in the human mouth?

There are four teeth that are referred to as Wisdom Teeth. They are actually molars.

How old was the youngest person to get wisdom teeth?

The youngest person to grow wisdom teeth was 11 years old. He live in the united states and his name is Zack sanders

How many wisdom teeth do people have?

people have 0-8 wisdom teeth!

How many wisdom teeth are in a normal set of teeth?

Wisdom teeth is the common name for 3rd molars. We are biologically programmed to have three molars in each quadrant. However, Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars are one of the most commonly congenitally missing teeth, the others being lateral incisors and 2nd premolars. Therefore, some of us may have less than 4 wisdom teeth or not at all. If we all had all the wisdom teeth that we are supposed to have then we should have 4 in total (one for each quadrant)

Why is a wisdom tooth called a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth start to erupt at about 18 years of age. Thus the term wisdom teeth.

Which teeth are referred to as the wisdom teeth?

The teeth that are referred to as "wisdom teeth" are teeth numbered, 1, 16, 17, and 32. They are located the furthest in the back of the mouth. However, do not get these confused with the molars. The wisdom teeth come in where the gums are located.

If wisdom teeth cause your teeth to get crooked Do your teeth get straight after you get your wisdom teeth extractions?

Not necessarily. Teeth tend to become more crowed as we age, especially the lower front teeth. This happens in some people regardless of whether they have wisdom teeth or not. Therefore, removing the wisdom teeth, solely for the purpose of hoping to get naturally straighter teeth, won't work.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be pulled out?

Wisdom teeth do not always require removal. Many people have wisdom teeth that have erupted normally and have not caused any problems. In some cases, however, wisdom teeth may be impacted. This means that there is not enough space in the jaw for the teeth to come in normally or to come in at all. Impacted wisdom teeth can become infected or interfere with other teeth. To prevent such problems impacted wisdom teeth are often removed.

Are back teeth baby teeth?

no they are wisdom teeth

Can you get your wisdom teeth twice?

No, just like you don't get your baby teeth back! You don't get your wisdom teeth back!

How many molars do people have minus the wisdom teeth?

people have 4 molar teeth minus the wisdom teeth

Does everyone get wisdom teeth?

Nope!! Plenty of people do not get wisdom teeth in their whole life!

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