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What is the scope of job for a B.fTech in Apparel production?


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there is no scope in apperal production engineers,they often unemloyed


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The scope and duties will be laid out in your job description.

job scope is "Number of different tasks that constitute a job, and the number of job cycles in a given period."

At some employers when you work out of the scope of your job you can get fired. If an employer wants you to work out of the scope of your job you should file a complaint with human resources.

It depends on where you apply for a job. If you work in a factory in the United States, you would make more that if it were a factory in a foreign country. I would think that you would make at least minimum wage at this job.

I want to know what is scope for job in BAMS in unitedstate?

The Production Budget for The Italian Job was $60,000,000.

The Production Budget for The Nut Job was $30,000,000.

The Production Budget for The Bank Job was $20,000,000.

The Production Budget for Inside Job was $2,000,000.

Job production : Building construction (not real estate) Batch production : Bakery

job responsibility of a production supervisor in a manufacturing industry

Let's look at the definitions of all three:Job scope - the range of responsibilities you may have in a job. If your job involves one task, it can be said that your job is narrow in scope.If you have many responsibilities that require you to perform different responsibilities in different areas of your organization, it can be said that you have a wide scope for your job.Job depth - generally refers to the level of expertise you have in a general job or field.Job desire - how much you want to do the job. This could also be described as your passion: Is this a job you want to do?Many people find that knowing what they want is a first step in finding a job they will like -- and desire. If you want to be an expert in something, you may want to go for a job with depth. If you want a job that requires you to work in many different areas, you may want to have a job that has a wide scope.Bottom line: Knowing what you want in terms of scope and depth can help you find a job that you desire!

An electrical engineer if performing the job of production - he becomes production engineer. "Production" is generally indicates the job profile or the role of a person performing the said job or function. In many production units, Engineers take up the role of production.

The advantages of job production include fulfillment of the customers demands, motivation for the employees, and possible jobs for new workers. A disadvantage of job lot production is the cost.

Technology, improvements scope and career growth

The scope of B tech planning is implementation, designing and planning of a structure. This is the job of a civil engineer.

to work with human resources i.e. hiring and firing staff, what the employees job scope will be for that time and they should run the business when needed and be a helping hand..... :D

Job production is a one time production for a specific order. The opposite of mass production. No order no production. Batch production is a mass production method where the process wait until a product is finished in a workstation before it was transfer to the next process.

You can clarify your job responsibilities by reviewing your job description. If you need further clarification you can ask your superior.

You can get a job at a production studio by educating yourself about the studio you want a job at. Be persistent and call all the studios and prepare a resume.

In low technology job production,items can be altered for the specific customer providing a genuine market.

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