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I would guess to bleed out the air in the system when you fill it after loosing fluid or after changing or flushing the system.

2006-09-11 01:54:40
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How do you replace a thermostat on a 2000 Ford F-250 V10?

To replace a thermostat on a 2000 Ford F-250 V10, drain the radiator. Locate the thermostat on the top hose assembly and remove the screw. Replace the thermostat and refill the radiator.

Where is the thermostat on a 2001 century?

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. It is clamped onto the thermostat cover. There should be a coolant bleed screw just above it. 3.1L engine.

How do you replace a thermostat in a 2000 Mazda 626?

Follow the TOP radiator hose to the engine block Remove the hose from the engine block. Thermostat should pop out. Some screw in, most pop out.

How do you replace thermostat on 1998 golf?

follow the top radiator hose down to the enginge and gently remove the two screw bolts holding the housing to the engine.remove the housing. The thermostat can then be removed by hand.

Where is the thermostat in an Oldsmobile delta royale eightyeight?

Not sure what year you have but on my 1984 its on top of the engine. Under the dome at the end of the radiator hose. There are 2 bolts that have to be removed in order to get to the thermostat. On a 1998 model, follow the top radiator hose to the engine. The hose attaches to an aluminum elbow with a brass slotted screw on top (the slotted screw is loosened to let air out of the cooling system). Remove the two bolts to take off the aluminum elbow and there will be your thermostat.

How do one change the thermostat in a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

Disconnect negative battery terminal for your safety. Follow directions to remove the upper radiator hose. Inside the metal pipe on the engine where you removed the hose, is where you will find the thermostat. You will need a 10mm socket with an extension arm to remove the two bolts. Pull out the thermostat, noting it's position, and push in the new thermostat with new gasket attached and screw back together. Replace hose and refill coolant.

Where is thermostat olds 3800 series 2 engine?

the thermostat is located in the housing where the top radiator hose enters the engine. Note: there is also a brass screw on the top of the housing, this is to bleed the air from the cooling system when you replace the thermostat (or do other cooling system repairs)

How do you change the thermostat adjacent to the radiator on a 199o vw cabriolet?

There is a thermostat mounted to the radiator (left side); you merely unscrew it after disconnecting the electrical plug. Screw the new one in (along with a new washer) and reconnect the plug. To replace the thermostat inside the water pump: Drain the coolant; remove the lower radiator hose flange from the water pump housing; pull the thermostat out; install new t-stat and seal; reinstall the flange; fill system with coolant/anti-freeze.

After changing thermostat in BMW e36 water hot but heaters cold?

Because you need to bleed the cooling system. You should have a plastic bleeder screw right beside the radiator cape that you need to remove and let the air out, while filling the radiator. Do this while warm to make sure the thermostat is open.

Were is the thermostat on a 1997 Mercury Sable?

Its underneath on the passenger side , first you will need to take of that plastic shield under the front bumper by loosing a dozen of 5 mm screws and one 10 or 12 mm screw , as soon as you take that shield off , you will see a the metal room connected to a rubber join coming from the radiator , this metal room has 2 8mm screws you will need a universal joint to loose the back screw , after you take out this part which will still attached to the rubber joint you will see the thermostat take the rubber casket and then just pull the thermostat out

What is the part call on a 1999 grand AM where the thermostat screws in to?

The thermostat does not screw in. I rests within the Thermostat Housing.

Where is the radiator bleed screw on a 94 BMW 525i?

next to the radiator cap on top of the radiator

Drain radiator Ford Focus?

driverside @ bottom of radiator . there will be a screw that has a (+)cut out in the middle . get a big flathead screw driver and turn

Where is the thermostat located on a 1982 Jeep Cherokee?

Follow the upper radiator hose to the motor. The hose will clamp onto a metal dome shaped cover. The thermostat is under that cover. Drain a few gallons of coolant, unbolt the housing, note how the thermostat is in the motor (there is a top and bottom), clean the old gasket off the hosing and motor, put in new thermostat and gasket, bolt the housing on...don't overtighten!!! Fill with coolant and if there is a screw on top of the housing, loosen the screw with engine running until coolant comes out bubble free.....retighten screw.

How do you replace a dodge stealth thermostat?

The thermostat in a stealth is under the radiator cap,let your car cool down then remove thermostat housing,pull old thermostat make sure the new one is the same as the old one(this is important,auto parts stores screw up alot)remove old thermostat,make sure you also have the gasket for it,replace with new part,put in new gasket and reattach thermostat housing.fill radiator and overflow,run car with radiator cap off to burp air from your cooling system.Run car until bubbles stop or until fan comes on.Top of radiator repalce cap.Your done.The same steps apply for burping vehicle if you are doing a coolant service.

Where is the thermostat for a 1994 Buick Le Sabre?

the thermostat on the 94 lesabre 3.8 is on the left front of the engine. the top radiator hose runs to it and it should have a screw on top(this is for bleeding out the air when refilling the system. it is kind of round and has two bolts holding it down. be sure to replace the asket when replacin the thermostat

Changing the thermostat on a 1990 jeep wagoneer limited?

find where the upper radiator hose goes to the engine block. The thermostat is located below the housing. You will need to drain part of the antifreeze then remove the housing the thermostat can be popped out with a screw driver. be sure to clean the old seal completely before reassembly

Why is your 200 Lincoln ls overheating after a new thermostat was installed never over heated before install and the thermostat is installed correctlyhow do i correctly burp the system?

You should be able to run the car with the radiator cap off and when the thermostat opens, it will suck in the coolant and then top it off. Either that or there must be a bleeder screw atop the thermostat housing for bleeding.

How do I change thermostat on 97 Chevy Tahoe?

To change the thermostat on a 97 Chevy Tahoe, drain the radiator. Locate the part under the upper hose register and loosen the screw holding it in place. Replace it by putting in the new part and bolting it back down.

How do you bleed air from radiator on a 04 dodge stratus 2.7 liter?

There is a bleeder valve on the passenger side of the intake manifold (Upper radiator hose connects to it). Open up bleeder screw and run engine so it gets warm enough to open thermostat. Run until air is bleed from system and then close the bleeder screw.

How do you bleed a cooling system in a 1999 Monte Carlo Z34?

There are instructions in the manual. Take off the top cover and locate the bleeder screw, directly over the Thermostat. Loosen the screw. Add coolant to the radiator with cap off till full. Start the engine. When there is water coming from the bleeder screw, then wait a bit and tighten it . Add a little more coolant to the radiator and then put the cap back on.

Where is thermostat on dodge stealth?

People would tell me all the time that it was directly under the radiator cap. I thought this true until i actually took the time to figure it out myself. While it is technically under the cap you do not need to remove the housing the cap sits on. The thermostat housing is directly to the left of the radiator cap. You'll need to remove three 12mm screws. One screw is about an inch longer than the other two. Look for the down radiator hose, the thermostat is right in the housing it connects to.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1991 Ford Tempo?

I changed the thermostat last night Dec 30 2007 Follow the upper radiator hose on the drivers side near the air filter box Remove the air filter box housing for better room to work in Remove the upper radiator hose at the thermostat housing Remove the 2 bolts and the thermostat housing should come loose Remove the old thermostat and scrap off the old gasket Install the new thermostat and new gasket and screw in the 2 bolts Remember when u install the new thermostat make sure the clip is in the groove.

Bleeding the coolant system intrigue?

Where the hose comes from your radiator all the way to your thermostat, you'll see a screm on the top of your thermostat. Fill your radiator, put radiator cap back on. Turn on engine and let it run for about 5 minutes. Then open screw to let accumulated air out of the thermo chamber. Air in there will cause the thermo to not function properly causing overheating. Do this until all air is out and nothing but water shoots out. That's it.

How do you replace a thermostate on a 1998 Bonneville?

First, drain off the radiator fluid to a level below the upper radiator hose. Then disconnect the hose from the water neck on the engine block (and from the radiator if you wish). Remove the water neck, and the thermostat is right there to replace (under the water neck on the engine intake). After replacing the thermostat and bolting down the water neck, reconnect the upper radiator hose, etc, warm the car up. add radiator fluid, then be sure to loosen the screw on the water neck that allows any trapped air in the water neck to escape. You should see a stream of radiator fluid exiting the vent on the water neck. Retighten the vent screw, and fill the radiator to the top and replace the pressure cap, and you should be good for a long time.