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What is the serpentine belt routing for 1998 Jeep Wrangler 6-cyl with AC and power steering?


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2005-06-01 02:36:50
2005-06-01 02:36:50

Check the manufacturer's routing sticker under the hood.


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Yes, you can expect a car that has a serpentine belt to lose power steering when the belt breaks because the belt goes around the power steering pump's pulley.

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Power steering pump is next to firewall on passenger side at top rear of motor. look under hood for serpentine belt routing diagram. power steering pump is one of those pulleys, top left corner of diagram.

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Yes, if it's connected to your power steering pump.

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Assuming you have a 91 to 02 LX with AC, power steering and alternator the belt starting with the tensioner on top then it goes clockwise to the alternator, power steering, idler pulley, A/C, crankshaft pulley---------back to the tensioner.

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