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8 degrees.

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Q: What is the set timing for a 1985 Chevy Camaro V8 305 4bbl?
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How much horsepower does a 1982 Chevy Camaro z28 have?

Either 145 with the base 305 4bbl or 165 with the 305 Crossfire injection option

Is the 1986 Camaro carborated?

The base 305 had a 4bbl carburetor

What is ths set timing for 1978 Chevy 400 4bbl?

stock timing on a 400 small block Chevy 2/4 bbl engine is 4 degrees btdc. depending on how the engine is built however, i.e. rebuilt to stock or built for performance, the timing may be up to 8 degrees plus or minus tdc or more depending on valve timing and cam timing.

How much horsepower does a truck Chevy 400 4bbl have?

most of those engines were either 265 or 325 hp.

How much horsepower is there in a 1986 camaro z28 v8 stock engine?

The base 305 4bbl had 170, the H.O. 305 had 190 and the 305 TPI had 215

1982 Chevy Caprice 305 engine horsepower?

I have an 82' impala wagon and the factory 305 4bbl that is in it is rated at 145hp.

What will cause a surging at wot in a 1985 Chevy silverado 305 4bbl but quits if you back off of wot?

You need to check the fuel pressure and the fuel FILTER.Most common cause of that is the float level in the carburetor is not adjusted right. / not getting enough fuel.

Can you replace the stock carburetor on a 1996 Chevy k1500 4.3l v6 with a 4bbl?

The 1996 4.3L engine doesn't have a carburetor, it is fuel injected.

What is the timing degree setting for a 1970 318 4bbl engine?

1970!!! Geez... "0" degrees I think. Better call your local auto parts dealer and ask to be sure.

How much horsepower does a 1980 Z-28 camaro have stock?

Z-28 - LG4 305 V8 165 hp (sold in California only) Z-28 - 350 (4bbl) V8 175 hp

What is the horsepower rating on an Olds 350 rocket?

It depends on the year of the engine. here are some examples. Year . Carb Type HP Torque 1968 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1968 4BBL 300@4800 390@3600 1968 4BBL 310@4800 390@3600 1969 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1969 4BBL 310@4800 390@3200 1969 4BBL 325@5400 360@3600 1970 2BBL 250@4400 355@2600 1970 4BBL 310@4800 390@3200 1970 4BBL 325@5400 360@3600 1971 2BBL 240@4200 350@2400 1971 4BBL 260@4600 360@3200 1972 2BBL 175@4000 295@2600 1972 4BBL 200@4400 300@3200 1973 2BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1973 4BBL 180@3800 275@2800 1974 2BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1974 4BBL 200@4200 300@3200 1975 4BBL 160@3800 275@2400 1976 4BBL 170@3800 275@2400

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1982 Chevy pickup?

When it is working, go to and they have diagrams. Or go to MOTORLIT.COM. 4bbl A/T Calif Emissions No, it does not. Please be accurate on your answers.

What is the horsepower of the 1986 trans am?

Either 170 hp w/5.0L 4bbl, 190 hp w/5.0L 4bbl H.O., or 205 w/305 TPI.

You have 1969 396 reman engine new carb timing set pops through carb not all the time?

I have a 1969 el camino 396 ss new holly 4bbl, timing set correctly, and sometimes gives a pop thru carb. please tell me the items to check over.

What kind of vehicle would a GMC Q-Jet carb by Carter come from?

not sure of all makes but they were widely used on 80-82 camaros and similar F-bodies (firebird etc) I have a 1977 Firebird I pulled my complete 350 engine from a 1978 Camaro and with it came a 4bbl Q-Jet by Carter. The owner of the camaro said that is what the car came with and it was all original. Hope that helps.

What is the correct timing for the MSD Ignition System on a Jeep J10 360 4bbl?

There is no definite answer to that. The book will probably say 10* BTDC but I get the best performance and no pinging at 15-16*. I think the book is usually pretty conservative. This sounds old school, but you will get the best results by timing it to best idle, then backing it off a hair at a time if it starts hard.

Will a 1984 Chevy 305 4bbl that came out of a Monte Carlo fit in a 1978 Monte Carlo that had a 305 2bbl?

It will work, but you would need a 4bbl intake or an adapter plate to fit the 4bbl carb on a 2bbl intake. There are many 4bbl intakes for small block Chevy's available in the aftermarket, or even the junkyard. I would recommend just getting a different intake instead of adding an adapter plate due to possible clearance issues between the hood and the air cleaner. yes it dousent matter what the carb sizes are when it comes to the same size of motor for space the only problem you should have is that the headers may need to be replaced for spaceing but for other jobs like this a 302 block is the exact same size as a 400 block jsut bored out alot more

What small block Chevy heads can you use on a305 4bbl Chevy motor?

305 heads of course, 350 heads will fit for sure and possibly 400. obviously no big block heads will fit. a 305 with 400 heads gets you a little over 352. 350 with 400 heads is a 383. add and divide

Where can you get a vacuum diagram for 75 nova with a quadrajet 4bbl?

checker auto store

What is the horsepower of a 1980 Buick regal 3.8?

150KM (2bbl) 170KM (4bbl)

How do you lower the emission count of HCppm hydrocarbon on a 1990 Chevy caprice classic station wagaon...4bbl carb. 5.0L 305 engine?

clean, replace e.g.r. valve, tune up or replace catalytic convertor.

What is the hp of a 400 ci Chevy?

The 400 ci sbc was produced from 1970 to 1979 and had HP ratings from 150 to 265. If your question was more specific ie: year, model, 2 bbl, 4bbl,etc. I may have been more helpfull.

What carburetor came on an 84 ford f 150 with a 5.8l 4bbl?

2 barrel

What motor does a 1977 elcamino ss have in it?

The largest engine that year was the 350-4bbl V8.

What could be wrong with a rebuilt 4bbl Rochester quadrajet carburetor on a 1986 Chevy C-10 if when adjusting idle mixture screw nothing happens?

Could be the idle is set too high, maybe the mixture screw passageways are plugged up.