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The 1996 4.3L engine doesn't have a carburetor, it is fuel injected.

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Q: Can you replace the stock carburetor on a 1996 Chevy k1500 4.3l v6 with a 4bbl?
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Stock carburetor on a 1980 Chevy El Camino?

It is a 4 bbl Rochester....

How do you program the stock radio in your Chevy K1500?

read the manual that came with the radio or ask a friend that is good with cars!!

Will 15 inch rims fit a 1994 k1500?

Yes. The stock size for a 94 Chevy K1500 is 16" rims. I have a 94 Chevy K1500 Silverado 4x4 Regular cab w/an 8' bed and it has 16" rims. You can go smaller if you like but your speedometer can be a little off.

What is the Stock tire size on a 1993 Chevy extended cab k1500 Z71?

There is a sticker on the drivers side door that will tell you.

What was the horsepower of a stock 1991 350 K1500 pickup engine with a dual barrel throttle body?

Chevy says about 210hp.

Is a edelbrock 750 to big for a 1978 Chevy 400 smallblock?

If it is a stock motor then yes it is. 600 CFM carburetor will be just fine on a stock engine.

How do you change a fuel filter on a Chevrolet K1500?

Thinking that your carburetor is a stock one(from the factory never been changed) the carburetor's fuel filter is located directly in the front and there should be a small metal tube going strait to the front which can be removed with a sizeable rench on the carburetor. once you unscrew that, the filter is inside there.

Will a carburetor from a 350 Chevy fit a 396 Chevy?

Yes. However, the big block should hasve something a little bit bigger than the stock 350 cfm.

How much horsepower does an 97 stock k1500 350 have?

255 rwhp

How much hp does a stock 1978 Chevy El Camino 305 make?

I owned a 78 Monte Carlo with a stock 305 2 BBL carburetor. If I remember correctly, the HP was 145MPH.

How much horse power does a stock 1990 Chevy k1500 with a 5.7 vs a k3500 with 5.7?

The horse power rating for the Chevy 1900 ranges between 195 to 200. The 5.3 liter engine was widely used in the year 1993.

What is the stock size carburetor for a Honda nsr 150?

145-160 is the recommended range for stock carbs

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