What is the shortest mountain in the world?

The answer is

Ffynnon Garw Mountain, 1002 ft

That's incorrect; based on an arbitrary delineation between a hill and a mountain, a mountain has to have a minimal height of 2,000 ft. Hence, Cavanal Hill, located near Poteau, Oklahoma, is billed as the tallest hill in the world at 1,999 feet (609 meters). On the other hand, many lesser than 2,000ft hills or wanna be 'mountains' are named with 'mountain' in their names, such as Mount Wycheproof, a 'mountain' located near the small town ofWycheproof, Australia. Standing at 43 metres (141 ft) above the surrounding terrain, Mount Wycheproof has the distinction of being the smallest registered 'mountain' in the world.