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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. This was the person's past and his/her memories, but it doesn't mean he/she loves that other person. When my husband was 20 he dated a German girl, she went back to Germany and he followed her wanting to get engaged to her only to find her going with another guy. I have a full album of pictures of the two of them and his trip to Germany. A confident woman is never jealous of these things. They are only memories! Take a look at some of your pictures. Bet you have a few pictures of old boyfriends/girlfriends and perhaps letters from one of them. When we start growing older and near the end of our lives memories are the things that keep us warm, comfortable. Marcy I think it depennds some people just want to hold on to memories others are waiting for that person to come back. So you just have to be careful, and be truthful with them. Ask or see ther past as the past, and ignore it. What happens happens you cant change that, and you cant choose your own destiny.

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Q: What is the significance of a a partner holding onto notes cards and other things from past relationships?
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