What is the significance of divination?

Divination is the term used to cover a vast array of forms and styles of predicting, or "reading the future."

Humans are a funny bunch, for all our practicality and insistence we do not believe in "all that superstitious stuff" we are drawn to anyone who can tells us about our futures.

The ability, real or manufactured, to predict the future is a very powerful thing.

Should you have the true "gift" you will find many people will seek you out for consultations, but few want to hear what you have to say unless it corresponds with what they want to hear.

In the past soothsayers, like the Oracle at Delphi, were sought after for their help, and protected by religious convention.

As civilization and religion progressed a person with the ability of fore-though was shunned or persecuted, as seen in the case of Joan of Arc.

These days, for all we love our TV shows like "Passing Over" and "Long Island Medium"; regularly check our on-line horoscopes; see advertisements on late night television for 1-800 lines to "talk to a live medium"; even have our favourite card readers and palmists, the people who do this kind of thing are more often than not a source of amusement and ridicule and the folks that pay them money are marginalized and called dupes or mentally unstable.

Divination and the people that practice it, have little or no legitimate place in today's thinking society and our technology centered lives.