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Q: What is the significance of the Dia De Los Muertos days?
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Como se dice Dia de muertos o dia de los muertos?

Dia de los muertos Se dice Day of the Dead.

What is Dia De Los Muertos for?

Dia de los Muertos is for celebrating people that have passed away ;0

When is El dia' de los muertos?

El dia de los muertos is celebrated in November first, and second.

What does the altar for dia de los muertos mean?

altar for dia de los muertos means an altar to the dead.

Where is the Dia de Los Muertos Celebrated?

The day of the dead, or la dia de los muertos, is celebrated in mexico.

When did dia de los muertos start?

When does dia de los muertos start?November first begins the Dia de los Muertos (also known as "Day of the Dead") festivities with All Saints Day in which the deceased children are honored and remembered. November second All Souls Day is for the remembrance of the adult dead. Dia de los Muertos combines these days to celebrate the the deceased and enjoy their memories. Dia de los Muertos is not at all scary, spooky or somber. The spirits of the deceased are thought to pay a visit to their families during Dia de los Muertos and the families prepare an altar for them

What is the difference of Dia de los Muertos and Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated with sadness. Dia de los muertos is celebrated with joy and happiness.

What are the release dates for Dia de los Muertos - 2013 I?

Dia de los Muertos - 2013 I was released on: USA: April 2013

What is the significance of the holiday El dia de los muertos?

Is just a day to remember the dead, specially your loved ones.

Who celebrates dia do los muertos?

family friends

Who invented dia de los muertos?

the aztecs

What are some similarities between Halloween and dia de los muertos?

1. Celebrated on different days. Halloween- October 31. Dia de Los Muertos- November 1-2 2. Celebrated for different purposes.

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