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What is the size of speakers in a 96 Toyota Camry?


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Front - 4''

Rear - 6'' x 9''

Source: I have change the speakers in my 1994 and 1996 Toyota Camry.

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Frt speakers are 4" and rear are 6 1/2"...

Will a 2.2 engine out of a 1996 Toyota Camry fit in a 1997 Toyota Camry? Yes it will fit you just have to change from distributor to coil packs it will fit because i have a 96 Toyota camry with a 2.2L engine from a 99 model.

It is a non interference engine.

9006 for long and 9005 for short

The door speakers are 6.5" and the dash speaker size is 4."

By 96, just about everyone was using 134-A.

5 inch speakers in the 96 Jag XJ6

Firing order on Toyota Camry 96: 3S-FE Engine Firing oder : 1-3-4-2 Distributor rotation: Counterclockwise

On the bottom, side, or rear of the oil pan.

What is your problem. Our 96 Camry measures 1.6 miles for every one mile driven. Coincidence that it's the same measurement as a kilometer? Toyota say yes, but we are going to delve further.

At least fot the 96 its a 6 and one half inch speaker.

My 1993 took 6x8s it should be the same.

The speakers in the front door of a 96 Ford Taurus are 6 inches x 8 inches. The speakers in the rear deck aer also 6 inches x 8 inches.

my 2001 Camry thermostat is on the bottom hose. my stat is right next to my oil filter

Check this out:

Just take out the speakers from the speaker box and make a new box for the speakers if they dont fit.

Toyota Camry 1996, dash bord extreme left corner on the dash bord icon appears with tail light shines. what it means, what was wrong and what to fix

Your 1996 Toyota Camry fuel pump fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuel pump fuse will be in the first column, third from the bottom.

The 1996 Toyota Camry ignition harness has three wires. The red wire is the hot wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

'96 Camry (both 4 & 6 cyl) have a timing belt, which should be checked and replace per the vehicle maintenance manual.

You need to check the transmission gasket between the transmission pan and the body. If it's leaking you have to replace it.

I have a 96 Camry and the drain plug is metric - I believe it is 14mm. You will need a socket or wrench of the appropriate metric size.

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