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iTunes provides a directory of podcasts but does not host or supply podcasts. Podcast providers host their podcasts on their own sites and would use their site's logs to determine the number of subscribers to their podcasts. The potential audience will be the 160 million users of iTunes.

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No. Itunes does have to approve your podcast however and you may have production costs for your podcast.

iTunes only provide a link to the PodCast. The PodCasts are hosted on your own site. You then provide the RSS feed URL from your site to Apple for inclusion in the iTunes PodCast directory. (See links below)

Go to itunes click on podcasts then download it then syncronize it then WALAH! U have a podcast.

Apple provides an FAQ for podcast makers (See links below) and a link to their application form. iTunes only provides a link to your podcast which you will need to host online somewhere.

You don't need Itunes to get podcast but, I would highly recommend it since its Free, and Easier to find good podcast. You can find sites that have podcast to download you just have to search it on Something like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Normally, you would have to go through iTunes on a computer and download the podcast from there.

To add a PodCAst to the iTunes store you need to supply the host address to Apple. There is a detailed FAQ providing details (See links below).

With itunes. click podcast on itunes and choose one to sync.

If you have subscribed to the podcast, new episode should automatically download whenever you log on to iTunes.

a PodCast is the equivalent of a radio or TV show but they can be downloaded from iTunes (or other sources) to be listened to/viewed on an iPod (or other suitable player) at a time convenient to you. Most PodCasts are free and iTunes gives you the option to subscribe to a particular podcast so any new editions are automatically downloaded to your computer as they become available.

You may get a podcast from the content provider's website such as Twit Network (, from a podcast directory such as, or via a media management application with access to a store such as zune software or iTunes.You can also listen and save your favorite podcast through a online podcast manager like

Plug it into Itunes and go to ur podcasts there, deleet the podcast from your iTunes then sync your iPod agin drew32 new music podcast on iTunes

The vast majority of PodCasts on iTunes are free. It will state Free (or the cost) next to the subscribe button.

The most recent episode will appear in the Podcast section of your Library when it has finished downloading. Future episodes will be downloaded automatically as they become available.

you mean podcast... it means adds and and movie trailers if you go on itunes you can get them for free

Check out the Podcast of Quinn and Rose Warroom show on August 6, 2012. They had a Sub. there that day. The podcast is on iTunes and WPGB Website under On Demand.

A podcast can be a like any radio or TV show. The difference being that if you subscribe to a podcast then it will be delivered to you (usually via the iTunes software) for you to use whenever it is convenient for you; as opposed to a broadcast show which is at a fixed time and you have to arrange your schedule to catch it.

You need to host your podcast on your own site from which you give the RSS feed to Apple. Apple adds a link to iTunes so that people can find and download your podcast but Apple do not host or manage the podcast themselves. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is used to publish frequently updated work, such as podcasts, in a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a "feed") includes metadata such as publishing dates and authorship. These benefit the podcast publishers by letting them syndicate content automatically and they benefit readers, who subscribe to the podcast, by feeding them the latest instalment.

Ive heard of a software from china that allows you to play kingdom hearts on the ps2 if you have itunes get the podcast called "key cast" this podcast is very usefull

iTunes U is a place for anyone to download audio lectures in podcast form from a university. This is useful especially if someone is not in college yet would like to study college material. iTunes Latino is a collection of Latin music.

I run the podcast. If you read the description or my review updates I stated the podcast was going down due to low funding. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next but I had a good time with it

One can find the podcast American Life by visiting This American Life official website. To purchase archived podcasts these cost $0.99 and are available on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Yes, you can. there is also a bunch of free stuff like some cartoon from the podcast section.

Through websites, iTunes or Apps. I'll add a link to official apple info in related links.

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