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What is the smallest way to power a small light bulb?


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A small battery.

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yes you can power a light bulb with limes

You answer is on the light bulb. Watts is the same as power.

The power rating for a light bulb (like "40 W") tells how much electrical power the light bulb uses. All of the power used by the bulb is either converted into light or heat. In an incandescent bulb, most of the energy becomes heat. In a fluorescent bulb, more of it becomes light.

When the power incresaes the light bulb glows brighter.

a light bulb is measured in watts

It depends on the Wattage of the light bulb. One kWh will power a 100-Watt light bulb for ten hours.

light r bulb same power taken

It is impossible to power a light bulb with a carrot. This is because a carrot contains no electricity.

A D or a M battery can power a 60 watt light bulb. A D or a M battery can power a 60 watt light bulb.

yes it is it is the part that gives the light bulb power

The quantity of power consumed by a light bulb is dependant on the wattage of the bulb.

Only when it has power.

The power the amount of energy per unit time, that the bulb uses. Power (in watts) = Volts X Amperes, for a resistive circuit like an incandescent light bulb.

yes, you can power a light bulb using fruit. You must use a type of fruit. It has to be citrus.

A lemon can power a light bulb because of the acid in it. The acid is used as a conductor and powers the lemon.

Yes, you can power a light bulb with fruit, it only depends an how much citric acid the fuit has.

It takes at least 4 lemons to light a small light bulb.

The first electric light bulb was made in 1880

It describes the amount of electric power the bulb uses.

bulb absorbs some power. this power is desipated as heat

The minimum requirements for an electric circuit that will make a light bulb glow is a power source and conductors from the power source to the light bulb.

Bad bulb, no power, no ground.

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