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Find the name and artist of any current TV commerical song here: ~ T

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Q: What is the song and artist for the 2005 Toyota Corolla commercial where the guy is chained to his car?
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Who sings the new Toyota Prius commercial song?

"The 2013 Toyota Prius: "Those Who Get It, Get It" with Raphael Saadiq" This commercial features a man with glasses (artist, Raphael Saadiq) singing a song with a guitar. He starts out singing from the open hatch of the car. He then gets up and starts singing to three woman who are in the back seat."

What is the song in the 2005 Toyota Sienna commercial?

great news, I was searching for the answer for this question too and I believe I have it! The female artist's name is Feist and the title is mushaboom.

What song said Malcolm X was chained to a chair?

I could not find the name of the song or the artist of the song that said \'Malcolm X was chained to a chair\'. There does not appear to be any such lyrics available.

Who sings let your love flow in the new Toyota Prius commercial?

From a Toyota press release: The artist is Petra Haden. She sings it acapella...every sound you hear, even the "instruments" are her:

Name of artist or song on current Vizio commercial?

Empire of the Sun's "We are the People" is the name of the artist and song on the current Vizio commercial.

Who is the artist demossier from the mcdonalds commercial?

No such artist, just a pretentious French name.

Who is the artist in the Olympic GM commercial aired on 8-09-08?

It's the same artist that sings another song for the Chevy Mailbu commercial.

What did Andy Warhol do after graduating?

a commercial artist

What is name of artist for new bing commercial?

the artist is alex clare,song called to close

What is new song and female artist in new Honda commercial?

From the new Honda CR-V commercial? artist: Mr. Little Jeans, song: rescue song

What is the song in the science channel commercial for nerve center and who is the artist?

the song is called commercial for nerve

Did Georgia O'Keeffe ever be a commercial artist?


What artist sings the Talbot's commercial?

Shirley Bassey

Who is the music artist in the latest KFC commercial?


What artist sings ford is the best in Texas?


Whats the song in the Home Depot commercial?

It's not by a mainstream artist. It was created solely for the commercial. the artist is alyssa bonagura title is I make my own sunshine.

What is the name of the song and the artist for the M and M Commercial?

This Is The Day - The Who

How much does a commercial artist make?

They should make about $2,500.

Who is the artist for the triplet target commercial?

Free To Be...You and Me by the New Seekers

What artist played Macintosh commercial song?

Elton John

How is blues artist in Mazda tv commercial?

Bo Diddley

Who is the artist that did the version of Roadrunner featured in the latest Telus high-speed Internet commercial?

I believe the artist is Bo Diddley.

What is the song or artist in dell pocket tablet commercial?

artist: The Voluntary Butler Scheme song: Multiplayer

What is the name of the song and artist in Cingular's commercial Final Shot?

This site has tons of commercial song info:

What is the song in the gum commercial?

bang your head by artist quite riot