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Toyota Previa

What is the spark plug layout on a Toyota Previa?


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2005-11-25 03:49:00
2005-11-25 03:49:00

if you mean how they are numbered, from the front of the engine(closest to the front of the car) to the rear, they are numbered 1-2-3-4. if you want to know how to get to them............ Remove the passenger side seat (4 bolts) and the trim panel that holds the carpet down at the bottom of the doorframe. then pull the carpet back. This will expose the right-side engine access panel. Unbolt the panel (8-10 bolts), remove it, and you will see a black cover with 3 10 mm bolts in it. remove the bolts and shield, then the plug wires and voila - spark plugs are exposed!


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