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What is the speed of TGV?

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The TGV (train a grande vitesse , French for " high-speed train ) holds a series of world speed records.The high speed trials are intended to expand the limits of high sped rail technology, increasing speed and comfort without compromising safety. The speed record for TGV is currently 574.8km/h ,set in April,2007.

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What is the maximum speed of a TGV train?

The maximum speed reached by the TGV was set in a record for the fasted wheeled train as 357.2 mph. TGV stands for Train a Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train in french.

What does TGV stand for?

The TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, "high-speed train") is France's high-speed rail service.

What is the LE TGV?

Le TGV stands for 'Train Ã? Grande Vitesse', meaning High Speed Train in English.

What does Frances TGV stand for in France trains?

Train a Grande Vitesse (High speed train)TGV stands for Train à Grande Vitesse (high-speed train)

What is the average speed of the TGV?

The older TGV trains, and the original TGV lines, run at 300 KMh (186 mph). The newer ones run at 320 or 350 Kmh (217 mph).

What do the letters TGV stand for?

TGV stands for Train Grande Vitesse which is a French meaning. Translating the same into English gives high speed train.

What does the tgv stand for in transportation?

tgv is an acronym in france that is translated into high speed train in english it is the name of Frances high speed rail service it offers transportation to at least 200 cities in France

What is the name of Frances high speed train?

Le Train Grande Vitesse, or TGV

What is the name of the high-speed train in France?

High-speed train; 'Train Grande Vitesse' or, TGV for short

Is TGV in the UK?

TGV = 'Train à Grande Vitesse' which is French for 'high speed train'.There are no TGV's currently operating in the UK. The Eurostar trains which run through the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK are based on the TGV, and manufactured by the same company.

Is TGV from France?

Yes. It stands for Train à Grande Vitesse (High Speed Train)

How long does it take by train from Geneva to Paris?

About 3½ hours by TGV high speed train.

Top speed of TGV?

Answer: 357 miles per hour (574.8 kilometers per hour).

What is the quicker way to get to the South of France?

High Speed Train (TGV) from Paris to Marseilles or Avignon

What does the abbreviation TGV mean?

The most common meaning is:TGV = 'Train à Grande Vitesse' which is French for 'high speed train'. This is the brand name used by SNCF (French Railways) for their high speed trains.Alternative meanings:A file type (.tgv) typically used with video files.Tanjong Golden VillageThoracic Gas VolumeTumble Generation Valve

What is name of the high speed train in France?

The high speed train is called le TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) in France.

What has the author Philippe Mirville written?

Philippe Mirville has written: 'TGV' -- subject(s): High speed trains, Railroads, Speed records

What is the speed of the TGV train?

The normal operating speed is 300-320 Km/Hr (186-198 mph), depending on which route. Under test conditions, on a new unopened section of track, a TGV reached a world record speed for a train of 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) on 3rd April 2007.

What is Frances fastest high-speed train?

A TGV test train set the record for the fastest wheeled train, reaching 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) on 3 April 2007.The TGV (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train)

Where does the french train 'TGV' run from and to?

TGV runs throughout France, and into surrounding countries. Most of the routes are to and from Paris, but there are some cross-country routes which bypass Paris. See the link below for the High Speed lines, and for a list of routes. The trains don't stop at the end of the High Speed lines, they continue on normal lines to their destinations. The "Thalys" branded trains (Paris-Brussels-Cologne and Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam), and the "Eurostar" branded trains (London-Paris and London-Brussels) are different models of TGV train.

Which is the second fast train in India?

The world's second fastest train is the TGV V150 with a speed of 357mph. It was made in France

What is the name of the international TGV?

TGV is the name used by SNCF (French Railways) for their high speed trains. High speed trains which cross into other countries are run jointly with SNCF and other railway companies. They are some times branded as 'TGV', but sometimes other names are used. - Trains from France to Brussels, the Netherlands and northern Germany (Cologne) via Brussels are called 'Thalys'. - Trains to London, and London to Belgium are called 'Eurostar'. - Trains to southern Germany (Frankfurt etc.) are provided by both railway companies, and are either called TGV or ICE for the German trains.

When was the first TGV?

The first scheduled TGV was between Paris and Lyon on 27th September 1981.

How long is the tgv from zurich to Vienna?

The train from Zürich to Vienna is not a TGV, it is a normal train with top speed 200Kph. But for most of route it does less than that. It takes about 7 hours from Zürich to Vienna. But the route is very picturesque, as it goes lengthways through the Alps.

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