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A donkeys average speed is about 25 MP/H

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What is the speed of shatabdi train in India?

As fast as a donkey!

Who is faster donkey kong or diddy kong?

diddy kong by a lot but donkey kong has more speed when lifting objects

What is the average walking speed of a donkey?

A donkey may be able to run as fast as a horse, however, it's walking speed is around 4 miles per hour, similar to that of a human.

How long would it take a donkey to travel 67 miles?

That depends on the speed at which one is traveling.

Can a donkey have a donkey?

yes a donkey can have a donkey

What was the man with the donkey donkey called?

donkey donkey man

Would a donkey be able to run as fast as a horse?

probably not because most horses are built for speed and donkeys are not

What is a donkey a mixture of?

A donkey is a mixture of a male donkey and a female donkey and you are an idiot.

What is donkey semen?

Donkey semen is donkey sperm

What is the difference between a mule and a donkey?

a mule is part horse and donkey a donkey is well............. ...... a DONKEY!

In Donkey Kong Where is the Donkey?

The Donkey is: (1): You are the Donkey. (2): In the barrel. (3): And everywhere else...

Shelter of donkey called?

The shelter of a donkey is usually called a pen or a donkey pen. It can also be called a shelter or donkey shelter.

How long does a donkey take to travel 20 miles?

That cannot be calculated without knowing the average speed over that distance.

What are the names of a female donkey and a male donkey?

A male donkey is a Jack, a female donkey is a Jenny or Jennet, and a castrated male is a donkey gelding.

What is the difference between a donkey and a mule?

Donkey/MuleA donkey is a donkeyA horse is a horseAnd a mule is half donkey (sire), half horse (dam) of course, of course, of courseA donkey is a donkey (no need to explain there!) and a mule is the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey.

Why do they call him Donkey Kong if he isn't a donkey?

he is as strong as a donkey

What is the opposite gender for donkey?

a donkey is a donkey, a male donkey is called a 'jack' and a female is called a 'jenny'

If a donkey had a donkey in his donkey then what donkey is alive to see the other donkeys?

i don't get what there saying thats not an adaptations

Is a jackass a donkey or mule?

a jack is a male donkey and an ass is a donkey. so, a jackass is a male donkey.

What is the name for donkey?


What is the definition of Punda?

Donkey in Swahili Donkey in Swahili Donkey in Swahili

What is donkey fazool?

Donkey fazool : the remnants of beans in donkey feces

What do you get when you cross a donkey and a jackass?

As a Jackass is a Male Donkey you would get a Donkey

Is Donkey Kong a donkey?

Donkey Kong is not a donkey. He is a gorilla. He was named Donkey Kong so he would appear less frightning. Apes can be frightning. Donkeys, not really.

What is a donkey in French?

The French word for donkey is "âne". A female donkey is "une ânesse" & a donkey foal is "un ânon".

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