What is the standard size of a wooden pallet?

4`x4`.(four feet by four feet).


There are many different "standard" pallets on the market. In the United States of America, by far the most popular pallets you will see will be the Grocery manufacturers' Association (GMA) 48" x 40" pallet. This pallet is used mainly in the grocery industry, as well as many big box retailers. The discount retailer Costco also has their own specific standard pallet that must be used on their products. Below is a list of the global "standard" pallets.

(From http://www.universalpalletsupply.com)

ISO Standard Pallets (ISO 6780: Flat pallets for intercontinental materials handling)

  • ISO 48" x 40" - Primarily used in North America
  • ISO 1200mm x 1000mm - Primarily used in Europe and Asia
  • ISO 1140mm x 1140mm - Primarily used in Australia
  • ISO 42" x 42" - Worldwide use
  • ISO 1100mm x 1100mm - Primarily used in central Asia
  • ISO 1200mm x 800mm - A pallet specifically designed for European use to fit through standard doorways.

North American Pallets

  • Grocery Manufacturers' Association (GMA) 48"x40"
  • 42"x42" - Primarily used for communications equipment and paint.
  • 48"x48" - Primarily used for drums
  • 40"x48" - Primarily used for military and cement shipments
  • 44"x44" - Primarily used to handle checmical drums
  • 36"x36" - Primarily used in the beverage industry
  • 48"x36" - Primarily used for Shingle Manufacturers

Australian Standard Pallet

1165mm x 1165mm - The Australian Standard Pallet is a pallet size commonly found in Australia but found rarely elsewhere. It is a square hardwood pallet which fits perfectly in the RACE container of the Australian Railway, but is ill suited to fitting in the standard ISO containers used around the globe.