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What is the starting salary for a Navy Seal?

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Pay for a new E-5 Navy Seal living in Virginia:

Base: $1,918.00

BAS*: $294.43

BAH*: $1,156.00

Demolition Pay: $150

Sky Dive Pay: $225

Dive Pay: : $215

Special Duty Pay: $450

Monthly Total: $4,408.43

Year Total: $52,901.16

Figure does not include bonus money. New Seals typically receive a $40,000 bonus upon graduation of BUD/S, often tax free. 50% is paid up front and the remainder is paid in yearly over the 4 years.

Figure does not include per diem for training conducted away from home. Per diem can add up to $5,000-10,000 in one year.

Deduct $5,000 for the amount of beer you'll buy for your first platoon.

* BAS and BAH are not taxed. BAH is higher if living in San Diego.

Much also depends for the rank of the Navy Seal before going through the training course and being accepted. Also, soldiers from other "special forces units such as the Army Rangers" will play a role in the salary, as other arms of the US Military have "special forces" units.

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What is the salary in merchant navy?

The starting salary for a merchant navy officer is about $25,000 pounds per year. The salary however can vary depending upon the company.

What is the salary of a captain navy seal?

Generally, it is the same as all the other officers who hold the rank of Captain in the Navy with the same time in rank.

What is the salary in merchant navy starting as a deck cadet?

10,000 to 20,000

What is safer navy seal sniper or navy seal infantry man?

Some people think that a Navy Seal Sniper is safer than Navy Seal Infantry. Some people think that Navy Seal Infantry is safer than a Navy Seal Sniper.

What is the average salary of a US Navy Seal?

An average US Navy Seal will earn approximately $54,000 USD per year. This is dependant on length of service, rank and additional bonus for good performance.

Which is better A Marine or a Navy Seal?

Navy SEAL by far.

Should you be a navy Seal or Detective?

Navy SEAL. If you can take it.

Navy SEAL or Marine?


How much does a navy seal make?

a beginning navy SEAL makes around $52,320

How long is navy SEAL training?

Navy Seal training lasts about nine months.

Who would win a death fight a marine vs navy seal?

Navy Seal.

What is a navy S0?

Special Operater. Navy SEAL.

Is there a navy seal?

Um, yes, Navy SEALs exist. Haha uh yes they in fact do exist, my dad is a former navy seal

Does Navy SEAL colonels go on missions?

There are no Colonel's in the US Navy, therefore there are no Colonel's in the SEAL teams.

What does the thirteen stars stand for on top of the eagle on the navy seal?

There are no stars on the Navy Seal breast insignia.

Can a Navy SEAL become a sniper then an officer if he has an education?

A Navy SEAL can become a sniper, then an officer if he has an education.

Can a Navy SEAL go right to the SWAT team after the leaving Navy?

A Navy Seal will have to apply to join SWAT. If accepted he can start right away.

How to become a navy seal infantry man from start to finish?

There is a few things you have to do to become a Navy Seal man. You have to start with signing up for the Navy.

How old is too old to be a navy seal?

You would be stupid be a navy SEAL, you should join the Royal Marines!!

Can anyone be a Navy Seal?

No, only members of the US Navy.

How much does a navy seal pilot get paid?

There are no active Navy SEAL pilots except for those who left the SEALs and joined separate army or navy programs.

What is better a navy SEAL sniper or navy SEAL infantry man?

Deciding which is "better," a Navy SEAL sniper or a Navy SEAL infantryman, depends on the skills of the person who is deciding which to aim for jobwise. If you are a marksman, sniper might be a better position. In either case, Navy SEALS are trained to perform as a cohesive unit, with each part being important to the whole.

Is a navy seal a caped seal or fur seal?

Neither.Navy SEAL is an acronym, a made-up name for a soldier trained to fight on both SEa, Air and Land.And while we do have Service animals, we don't have soldier animals.A Navy SEAL is human, a member of the species Homo Sapiens.

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