What is the starting salary for a Navy Seal?

Pay for a new E-5 Navy Seal living in Virginia:

Base: $1,918.00

BAS*: $294.43

BAH*: $1,156.00

Demolition Pay: $150

Sky Dive Pay: $225

Dive Pay: : $215

Special Duty Pay: $450

Monthly Total: $4,408.43

Year Total: $52,901.16

Figure does not include bonus money. New Seals typically receive a $40,000 bonus upon graduation of BUD/S, often tax free. 50% is paid up front and the remainder is paid in yearly over the 4 years.

Figure does not include per diem for training conducted away from home. Per diem can add up to $5,000-10,000 in one year.

Deduct $5,000 for the amount of beer you'll buy for your first platoon.

* BAS and BAH are not taxed. BAH is higher if living in San Diego.

Much also depends for the rank of the Navy Seal before going through the training course and being accepted. Also, soldiers from other "special forces units such as the Army Rangers" will play a role in the salary, as other arms of the US Military have "special forces" units.