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What is the statute of limitations on a theft by taking charge in Georgia?


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There is a 2 year statute of limitations on a misdemeanor theft by taking charge in George. It is a 4 year statute of limitation if it is a felony.


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Once a ticket has been issued, there is no statute of limitations. The violation has occurred, the violator has been notified and now it is just a matter of taking care of the penalty. Nevada traffic tickets have a statute of limitations of one (1) year. In other words, the officer or trooper that stops you has one year to write the ticket for whatever violation you were stopped for. After the ticket has been submitted, there is no limitation at that point and a warrant can be issued for failure to appear, failure to pay etc. For more information visit:

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The statute of limitations starts counting immediately when you made the last payment to either the credit card company or the collection agency. If you ever make a payment to either of them the statute of limitations will start over. If you have not made any payments to the credit card company recently and the credit card company sells the debt to the collection agency, the collection agency's statute of limitations will be from the date that you last paid the credit card company. Furthermore, if the statute of limitations is over and the collection agency continues to keep collecting the debt, you can send them a letter (certified is the preferred method) to stop all contact with you. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), they would be required to stop immediately upon receipt of the letter (unless they are taking legal action in a court then they can send you legal notices only). If they do not stop, you are entitled to collect monetary damages as outlined in the FRCA. This does not stop the collection agency from reporting to your credit report. Your credit reporting falls under a different set of rules which basically removes most collections debts (except for court judgements) after 7-10 years.

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