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drop spare tire, look for the 2 nuts holding up the gas tank straps up on tank. put a jack under tank with a large piece of plywood so not to poke hole in tank loosen 2 bolts so straps are now lose ,you may have to bend or remove the straps. lower tank very slowly enough so you can get hold of connection on fuel lines which require special tool to remove fuel fittings unplug wires in a harness from fuel pump you may have to pry them off as the clip onto gas pump. Or simply remove bed which is 6 bolds , and remove tail lights so bulbs will go down bed and drop out of the way and unhook fuel tube from bed maybe 3 or 4 screws and then have 2 saw horse placed in rear of truck and have 4 Friends pickup bed and step back and set bed on saw horse. this way is a lot easier to repair or replace fuel tank.. To start doing this go to car wash and spray under truck really good and spry nuts afterwords with WD40 or similar rustbuster.

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Q: What is the step by step removal of the rear fuel tank on a F-150 super cab?
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Where is the dual tank fuel switch on a 86 ford f150?

it is on the dash board by the heater and ac. it says front fuel rear.

Does a Ford F150 with two gas tanks have two fuel pumps?

Yes. Each gas tank (Front and Rear) have fuel pumps.

On the 1989 Ford F150 Lariat there is a fuel switch for front and rear fuel delivery Is it up for front tank and down for rear tank or the other way around?


Where is the fuel filter on a 1993 Ford F150 XLT 5.8L located at?

On inner/upper side of left mid/rear frame. follow your fuel ines to it.

Does a 93 f150 have a 1 piece rear main seal?

does a 93 f150 have a 1piece rear main seal

92 F150 I switch from rear tank to front gauge pegs and truck stalls what's the problem?

Check fuel filters

Where is the fuel pump on a Ford Fiesta zetec 1998?

it is located in the fuel tank. Remove the rear seat and you will find a blanking plug and on removal will reveal it.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 ford f150?

The fuel filter on a 1990 ford F150 is located on the rear left side. It should be right between where the cab of the truck and the bed meet. I just changed mine a couple months ago. Just follow the fuel lines you cant miss the filter

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 ford escort?

The fuel pump in a 1993 Escort is located in the fuel pump. There should be an access plate under the rear seat to get to the top of the fuel tank for pump removal.

Location of fuel filter 1986 Ford f150 2WD?

It is located on the drivers side of the vehicle, below seating area, rear of engine, mounted on the frame rail in fuel line.

What if you have not had gas in your rear gas tank on 1995 f150 for 6 months can you still fill with fuel and run it through?

Yes, you should have no problems.

Why does your 1994 ford f150 351 run very sluggish on the rear fuel tank with a new pump?

sounds like your rear tank needs cleaning,and so does the fuel line from reaf tank and the rear/front tank switch that is located in the fuel line on the left side chassis rail might try new fuel fliter before all this and see if that fixes problem.

1995 f150 better fuel economy in front tank?

If your wondering why you get better fuel economy in the front tank is because it is an over flow tank. That mean when your running on the rear tank your are actually dumping fuel into the front tank when ever you hit your breaks hard and the engine also returns fuel to the front tank that isn't needed from the rear. that is why you get better millage on the front tank and worse on the rear tank.

Is the 2004 f150 rear wheel drive?

rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable

Where is the fuel filter on a 99 land rover discovery?

The fuel filter is behind the right rear tire. To access you need to remove the right rear back tire. If you plan to change the fuel filter it is a good idea to disconnect the fuel filter relay and start motor until it stalls. Also, disconnect battery prior to fuel filter removal.

Did a 1979 f150 have a Dana 60 rear end?


Where is fuel pump on 1991 fifth avenue?

It is in the rear of the fuel tank.It is in the rear of the fuel tank.

Location of Power rear window motor 2006 Ford F150?

behind rear seat

Where is the fuel pump in the 1985 Toyota Cressida?

Fuel pump should be located inside the fuel tank. Dropping the fuel tank is required for removal of fuel pump. Earlier fuel injected models, fuel pump is mounted at the rear of the vehicle outside of the gas tank. (Usually located on the frame rail)

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Chevy Cavalier RS with a 3.1L V6?

Rear part of vehicle, can actually been seen just by looking from under rear of car. Easy removal and installation.

What s the fuel capacity of a 1992 ford f150 with dual tanks?

Rear tank could be 18 or 19 gallon capacity.Side tank could be 16 or 19 gallon capacity.

How do you replace a Ford F-150 rear axle seal?

how do you replace a Ford F150 rear axle seal

What is the tire pressure for a 1994 f150?

35 front 41 rear

Why does the truck quit running when you switch from rear tank to front tank on a 1995 f150?

You probably have a bad front tank fuel pump or you could have something wrong in the switch valve or selector switch, or even a problem in the wiring to the front fuel pump, but most likely a bad fuel pump.

Where is the Transmission dipstick for a 1983 F150?

For a 1983 F150, the transmission dipstick is?æsticking out of the transmission. The transmission is located at the rear left side of the in-line engine.