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Q: What is the stereo code for 1994 elantra?
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What is the stereo code for a 1995 Hyundai Elantra?

its a 10 gallon usually

What is the code for 1993 Hyundai Elantra car stereo so I can re-set it please?

Your car should have came with a card that has the code. Look in the manual and in and on the glove compartment for the code. If it is not there you will have to have the serial number from the stereo and call the dealer for the code.

How to reset the code on stereo for Elantra 95 after entering a wrong code?

This information can be found in your owner's manual. Don't have one, get one. Dealer or salvage yard is a source.

What is the Wiring Color Codes for 2006 Elantra Stereo?

If you are looking for the stereo wiring code go here: When I needed the wiring for my 1998 Elantra I got it from here. It was free and you don't have to sign up for anything just type your vehicle information.

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 Hyundai elantra?

How do you get and reset radio codes for 1994 hyundai elantra?

What is the stereo code for a 1994 325is BMW?

A BMW dealer can find out the code for you. They'll look at the serial # or some kind of # on the back of the stereo and find the code for it. They should do it for free last time I checked.

What or where can you find the stereo wiring color code for a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?


Where can you find a stereo wiring diagram for an '03 Elantra that tells you what the different colored wires go to?

there is a wiring diagram on top of the stereo. you will see it as soon as the stereo is removed

What is the car stereo code for a 1994 C Class 220 please i need an answer from anyone. Thanks?


No power to starter on a 1994 Hyundai Elantra?

== == == == == ==

Where is the trasmission fluid for a 1994 Elantra?

in the transmission

When was Sueรฑo Stereo created?

Sueño Stereo was created in 1994.

Acura rsx type-s 2006 stereo code?

Stereo codes are unique to each stereo and you will have to get the serial number from the stereo and call an Acura dealer for the code.

Looking fo stereo code for 2003 Honda civic?

yes i want the code for the stereo

Code for stereo Honda Odyssey 2001?

Go to the Honda Dealer for the Code. You should remove the stereo before going to the Dealer to save cash on labor. The stereo has a sticker on it that the dealer needs to get the Code. If you cant remove the stereo the dealer may charge up to 100 for labor. Take the stereo to the parts counter for the Code not Service as Service may want to charge for the Code. Hope this helps.

Where can you find a free online stereo diagram for a 2001 Hyundai elantra?

Try hmaservice dot com.

What does p0340 mean on a 2001 hyndai elantra?

The Code P0340 on your Elantra means:Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction

What is the color code for Delco car stereo model 16120814?

What is the color code for car stereo model 16120514

How do you enter a stereo code on a 1994 Acura Vigor?

call the dealer, give them the vin number and tell them that you iether just purchased the car or had your battery changed and they will give you the stock code

Security code for Kenwood KDC-515S car stereo?

Security code for Kenwood kdc-515s car stereo?

What is the wiring color code for a Clarion 7770 stereo?

The wiring color code for a Clarion 7770 stereo is red and black.

What are car stereo wiring colour code for 1998 Hyundai Lantra its lantra not elantra or are these two the same model please help?

there's no such thing as a Hyundai ''lantra'', its elantra If it's the same as Elantra try They got free wiring diagrams for many makes and models. Sorry. There is a Lantra. It was released in Australia by Hyundai during the late 90s. There is a sedan and a sports wagon.

How do you wire stereo to 1994 camaro?


What is the paint code for Hyundai elantra 2001 silver?

In UK it is code LS smartsilver

Where can you find the serial number for the radio in a 1994 Acura Vigor GS?

You need to first removed stereo in order to get serial number, it's a sticker place on the stereo then you need to either call a dealer with vin# for vehicle and serial number for the stereo in order to get code from dealer..