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Probably either Spiritomb or Garchomp

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a Charizard level 100 Its actually a Feraligatr Level 100 Infernape Level 100 Missingno. (if you count it as a pokemon) Level 100 The Strongest Legendary is Arceus rapidash is the fastest non legendary and evolves from ponyta at lv 44 i believe but correct me if im wrong.

In Pokemon Diamond i say Torrterra is the strongest grass and ground Pokemon because i have a level 100 one and it's great.

magikarp can be found up to lv 100 in the resort area

You get a legendary pokemon, to level 100 (trade it).

Lets see...How do you capture legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond with Action Replay? Theres a code for Easy Capture, which makes every Pokemon/Pokeball catch rate 100%. There's also codes to re-battle legendary Pokemon

Slaking is the most powerfull non-legendary pokemon, but he skips every other turn. Dragonite, Tyranitar and Salamence are considered half-legendary so the strongest 100 % non-legendary pokemon is Arcanine (Although is called "Legendary Pokemon" on the pokedex)

Then it would be the starters, they are all very powerful at level 100. The strongest ones would probably be Charizard, Feraligatr and Infernape.

I have a stoutland and its my favorite non legendary Pokemon but Reshiram and Zekrom both are the strongest Pokemon on black and white. This is the link to see the srongest and fastest ETC.

At the very end of the tunnel is the legendary Pokemon Heatran. It is level 70, but is not the strongest of the legendaries. With an 8% catch rate you will need about 50-100 ultra balls to be sure of capture and some 60-90 level strong Pokemon. Good luck on capture and hope this helped!

The strongest wild is heatran Lv.70,Garatina Lv.70,Regigagis Lv.70,and the strongest Acreus the god of all Pokemon at Lv.80.These are the strongest Wilds but they are all ledgendaries.

Any Lv. 100 legendary Pokemon!

in the U.S.A? Nothing? there are no U.S events for diamond or pearl. Sorry. (In japan its the all legendarys event. You get all the legendary pokemon at level 100)

get all Pokemon you hav to lvl 100

Well there is no strongest Pokemon as long as your has good moves and is a high level you could defeat anything basiclly.Arceus is not the strongest it's never able to defeat my Magikarp my magikarp is shiny lv.100 moves:Fire blast,Focus punch,Hyper Beam,Blizard nobody has ever been able to beat it

u cant get lvl x Pokemon in Pokemon diamond those are only in cards but the highest lvl in Pokemon diamond is 100.

Yes, just catch one and tap it over 100 times, it will appear as a legendary pokemon.

It depends on the level, moves and nature of the pokemon. Mew Two is pretty good, and so is Zapdos, but a lvl 100 mew two would be more powerful than a lvl 20 zapdos.

It depends on the trainer, the way the pokemon is treated/used,, and the strategy, but many people say a Lv. 100 Arceus is the strongest.

train ur strongest to lvl 100 then give the weak Pokemon experience share then u can battle with ur lvl 100 and still get ur weakest Pokemon exp so u should train ur strongest

try fighting the strongest gym leaders try fighting the strongest elite 4

Answer:If the Pokemon Arceus is holding dread plate Judgement would be stongest because its base power is 100 and it's base accurancy is 100. -------------------------------------------------------------*Edit* The strongest move may be that, but Arceus is a legendary, not a common type Pokemon. For normal Dark type Pokemon, the strongest move would be Night Daze (85 power). It is often confused with Foul Play, but this move does not actually have 95, it's the target's attack stat. So sometimes it varies.

the wild Pokemon hack is either it is shiny or a wild lvl 100 or a legendary Pokemon ^^

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