What is the survival temperature of Lactobacillus bacteria?

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According to Collins and Hartlein (1982), lactobacillus growth rate declines rapidly (from more than one generation per hour at optimum to less than one generation per day) below about 15 C and above 55 C or so, but survivorship and optimal temperature vary among strains. At 63 C, almost 93% of one strain died while less than 30% of individuals of another strain died at this temperature.

On the cold end of the spectrum, freezing seems to be okay. Lactobacilli survive cryopreservation and freeze-drying. Although they won't die, their growth is predicted to stop absolutely around -4 C (Wijtzes et al, 1995).

Collins and Hartlein, 1982, J. Dairy Sci. 65(6):883ff

Wijtzes et al 1995 App Env Mic 61(7)2533ff
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