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I think it is for snow. it puts you in 2nd for a slower start

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Q: What is the switch labeled second in the center console for?
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What is the red switch on the center console on a 1989 Mercedes?

Hazard lights.

How do you turn off the ASC on z3 2000?

There should be a switch for that in the center console.

What is p1709 on 99 Acura TL?

It is the automatic shift switch in the center console.

Where is the starter relay switch on a 1982 corvette?

Under the center console armrest.

Emergency Flasher switch for 1983 Mercedes 300D Turbo?

It's the red switch on the center console, right in front of the shifter.

Which fuse controls the rear wiper switch.?

Fuse 32 in the center console fuse block

Is there a reset switch on a 2007 Ford Fusion?

yes there is but its under the passenger floorboard by the center console

Where is the convertible switch on a 97 mustang gt?

On the center console near the parking brake handle

Where is the backup light switch on a '92 Honda Accord?

it's a function of the shift-position sensor switch (automatic) which is in the center console.

Weere is the neutral safety switch located in a 1980 Chevy camaro?

undeer the center console trim.

Where is the reverse light switch located on a 1993 Mazda 626?

The 1993 Mazda. reverse light switch is located below the shifter column. The relay switch can be seen by removing the center console.

How do you remove the center console in a Toyota matrix?

Open the console lid. Remove the console compartment inserts. Remove the transmission select switch (if equipped). Remove the nuts that retain the rear of the console. Remove the cup holder insert. Remove the screws that retain the front of the console to the vehicle. Remove the console from the vehicle

Where is the ignition relay switch on a 1994 ford escort gt 1.9 liter automatic?

behind center console on floor

Where is automatic door lock switch located on 1994 cavalier?

The automatic door lock switch is located, on your 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier, beneath the shifting column. The switch can be accessed by removing the center console.

How do you change a Mercedes ML320 electric window switch?

Front switch:1. Remove ashtray at front of center console(Manual picture shows console cover removed, and inverted to show bottom of switch assembly)2. Unclip center console switch group (S21)NOTE: Center console switch group can only be replaced completely.3. Install in the reverse orderRear switch:Remove/Install1. Remove armrest cover from center console(Manual picture shows cover and inside removed)2. Disconnect connector (2) from left (S21/15S1) and right (S21/15s2) rear power window switch3. Remove left (S21/15s1) and right (S21/15s2) rear power window switch from cover (1)CAUTION: Danger of breaking clipsNOTE: Unclip switches (4 clips) and remove toward inside4. Remove cover (1)NOTE: Unclip cover and remove toward outside5. Install in the reverse orderHope this helps.

Where is the fog light switch on a 1995 Nissan pathfinder?

on the center console behind the shifter. has a little dome on it and lights up orange.

---How do you open the trunk of 1994 jaguar xj6 when you lose the main key?

my 94 xj6 has a switch in the center console glove box

What is the switch marked SGS for on your 1997 3800 camaro?

The switched labeled SGS stands for "Second Gear Start". This allows you to start off in second gear when accellerating.

What does the red on off switch in the center cousel do in a 1987 Nissan 300ZX nonturbo?

On my '86, 300zx NA, the rocker switch on the console turns on the heated outside mirror (drivers side).

Where is the trunk release switch for a 1997 VW Jetta?

My trunk release in mine is in the center console behind the emergency brake. There is a button inside.

How do you reset the fuel cut off switch for a fiat seicento?

fuel cut off switch is under dash near center console towards bulkhead just press it in and off you go

How do I disable a Subaru legacy seat warmer?

You can pop the switch panel out of the center console and unplug either or both of the switches to disable the seat warmer.

Where on the console is the select switch for 2x4 to 4x4 on 1998 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

It's in the center stack of the dash , just to the left of the radio

Where is the fuel relay switch on a 90 eagle talon?

Are you talking about the Electronic fuel injection relay? It is located near the ECM under the center console.

How do you turn on the fog lights on a 94 Bonneville SSEi Supercharged?

The 1994 Pontiac Bonneville fog light switch can be found on the center console. The fog light switch will be?æbelow the climate control panel.