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What is the symbolic meaning of the crescent moon for Muslims?

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a symbol of Islamic identity in common usage. However, this symbol did not, in fact, rise from religious sources. This symbol first came into use with Muslims when the Turks conquered Constantinople. The crescent symbol was popular among the Byzantines then and the Turks later adopted it. Different countries have since used the symbol to indicate Muslim origins, etc., attributing various meanings to the crescent and star.

If you're referring to mosques and Islamic flags, it predates Islam when pre-Islamic people (Arabs) worshiped a crescent moon god father of which many statuettes have been found throughout the Middle East. Mecca is where this god being supposedly resided. These pre-Islamists also worshiped a female sun goddess and several 'star' daughters as well as meteorites that would occasionally fall, one of which was incorporated into the Kabba around which modern Muslims worship. This is also probably why they follow a lunar based calendar and carry small swords shaped like crescent moons. Some say one of the names of this moon god was "Allah" but others argue that Allah just means "god". But it's quite likely Mohammed & his followers assimilated pagan traditions and beliefs with his new found faith.

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What is the symbolic meaning for a dove nesting on the crescent moon?

You've been reading a little Forrest Fenn. Your answer is out there...

What does the crescent moon and the sword mean to the judaisms religion?

The Crescent Moon and Sword is a symbol of Islam, it has no meaning in Judaism.

What does the crescent moon on the Singapore flag stands for?

The white crescent is the symbolic of the young nation. If you have other question like that go onto we are

What does the Muslim crescent moon mean?

crescent moon is what we look for at the start at Ramadan and the start of eid it doesn't a have hidden meaning .

Where did the religious belief in the crescent moon come from?

Answer: The crescent moon was adopted as a symbol by Muslims after Muhammad and has no religious significance. It is only a representation of the new moon - which is the basis for both the Islamic and Jewish calendars.

What is the Meaning of waning crescent?

a waning crescent is a phase of the moon where the visible part of sunlight side of the moon is a crescent that gets smaller every night until new moon (when you can't see anything).

How is the moon involved with Ramadan?

Muslims look at the moon to tell the beginning and end of Ramadan. If it is a crescent moon, then that is how we know the beginning/end of Ramadan.

What is a sign of a Mosque?

Its suppose to be a crescent moon but its just a sign we have. We arent suppose to worship it and its not suppose to be symbolic or anything

What is the phase of the moon when it's crescent shaped?

When the moon looks like a crescent, it is either a waxing crescent or waning crescent moon.

What is the meaning of a star on the left hand side of a crescent moon?


What is the meaning of new moon?

Every lunar month when the moon appears as a crescent on the first day, to eventually become a full moon, that crescent, that thin almost invisible first day of the moon is called a "new moon".

What is the meaning of the Muslim sign?

Islam has no signs to signify the religion. Although the crescent has been used, but it is not a sign for Muslims, because the crescent was used in pre-Islam Asia Minor and by the Ottoman Empire. Now they do have flags though, but that is cultural, not religion. The closest thing is probably the crescent, meaning to sight the moon with the naked eye marking the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan.

What is a simile of a crescent moon?

The moon was as cresent as a moon.......

What is the word hilal synonymous with?

Hilal is an Arabic word meaning crescent moon.

What does the crescent moon and star symbolize?

Any tattoo can have specific meaning to a individual person but in general the crescent moon and star is a symbol used on middle-eastern/Muslim flags

What phase comes after a crescent moon?

The new moon comes after the crescent moon

What shape is a banana?

a moon shape or a crescent moon.

What does the crescent moon and star look like?

the crescent moon & star looks like a moon (crescent) & a regular star

A crescent moon looks most like?

A crescent moon looks most like

What does the crescent moon in Islam mean?

The crescent moon in Islam has no special religious meaning. It has no special Islam or religious meaning or symbol. It is just a traditional or historical symbol used on mosques buildings and some flags of Islamic countries.

What is the name for the shapes the moon appears to have?

A crescent? Or a half moon,full moon,new moon, crescent moon

What is a moon that is less than half moon?

A moon that is less than a half moon is a 'crescent'.

What is the meaning of a crescent moon star tattoo?

Islam has nothing to do with crescent moon and the stars. it wasn't there when the prophet was living ,most probably it was adopted because Islamic calender is according to the Luna.

What is the Islam meaning of the crescent moon symbol?

The crescent moon symbol has nothing to do with Islam religion. It is not a religious symbol. It is just a political symbol that had been first used in flags by the ottomans.

What moon is after the waning crescent moon?

When the crescent has waned all it can, we get a New Moon next.

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