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Jesus died on the cross so the cross is representing his crucifiction.

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The Crucifix represents Jesus on the cross that he was crucified on.

cross the "I" is the symbolic representation. it means kill the Ego.

Possibly it is the cross of St. Andrews

what is symbolic meaning of cross? This art is very Symbolic.

Jesus is refered to as the lamb.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Tau cross, check out the link below

It is the actual cross on which Jesus was crucified.

Jesus got nailed on the cross on a hill called Gogotah, meaning the skull.

The initials on the cross were INRI, meaning "King Of The Jews".

What is the symbolic meaning of a spider

It represents the trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The hardships which one will face as a Christian. Also, the Christian's commitment to Christ.

It is the same as the vertical post: together they are a sign of Jesus Christ, and represent not only His own death by crucifixion, His burial, and His resurrection 3 days later, but also the symbolic death, burial, and future resurrection to eternal life of all Christians.

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

the symbolic meaning of blue is light and calmness

The Crown of thorns mentioned in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ suggest the Romans chastised Jesus as being the King of the Jews.

The symbolic meaning for butterflies varies by country and cultures. The symbolic meaning for butterflies in Korea are a symbol of happiness.

INRI - Meaning "King of the Jews"

No because it didn't have a meaning .

Unlike Christianity, which uses the cross as its symbolic representation, Islam is not represented in any way by any symbol as such.

Neither make any difference for both are symbolic of his death. This writer believes in a living Christ and not a dead one. To some the cross reminds them of His death and sacrifice.

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' message God gives to us through Jesus.

Some people understand the meaning of the cross and Jesus' sacrifice for us, but others simply wear a cross because they think it is an attractive trinket.

In Catholic pious tradition, the color blue is associated with the Blessed Mother. Various organizations dedicated to her have used a blue cross in their emblems.

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