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different, unusual, new, untried, strange, alien

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Q: What is the synonym for unfamiliar?
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What is the synonym for foreign?

alien, exotic, unknown, strange, imported, remote, unfamiliar

Which is not a part of the process used to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word?

leave out the unfamiliar word think of an opposite word look for context clues replace with a synonym

What is the synonym of the strangely?

rare, different, unfamiliar, irregular, quaint, weird, uncommon, unusual

What is a synonym for unusual?

different, atypical, unfamiliar, uncommon, unique, special, rare, odd, extraordinary, amazing

What is each type of context clue and its correct description?

definition: gives an explanation of the unfamiliar word right in the sentence; synonym: restates the unfamiliar word with another familiar word; antonym: contrasts the unfamiliar word with an opposite; inference: provides the general sense of an unfamiliar word with the main idea of a sentence or paragraph.

What is a synonym for alien?

Strange, unfamiliar, unknown, foreign, extraterrestrial, creature from outer space, space invader or Martian.

Why can it be risky to use a thesaurus?

If you choose an unfamiliar synonym, it might have the wrong connotative meaning for the context. apex is gay! 3:D

A sentence with a synonym context clue contains?

a familiar word that means the same as an unfamiliar word

What is a sentence for unfamiliar?

You are unfamiliar to me. Who are you again?

How do you use the word unfamiliar in a sentence?

The word 'unfamiliar' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.I can give you several sentences.That word is unfamiliar to me.I heard an unfamiliar noise.He is unfamiliar to me.

How to use unfamiliar in a sentence?

I'm unfamiliar with that type of dog. I'm unfamiliar with the subject. I'm unfamiliar with the candidates.

How can you use the word unfamiliar?

I suddenly found myself in unfamiliar territory.I am unfamiliar with your reference.