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leave out the unfamiliar word

think of an opposite word

look for context clues

replace with a synonym

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Q: Which is not a part of the process used to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word?
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What is the part of speech for unfamiliar?

The part of speech for "unfamiliar" is an adjective.

what is unfamiliar word?

the word unfamiliar is an adjective. The meaning of unfamiliar is to not be aware of, or to not know someone or something.

Process to cut into a part of the body?

incisionin - prefix meaning in, intocis/o - combining form meaning to cut-ion - suffix meaning process

When you come across an unfamiliar word divide the word into parts to examine each syllable ad thus uncover part of the word's meaning?

That might work for some words, but not for most. To get the definition of a word, use this site, or a dictionary.

What was the main purpose of three fifths compromise?

The Three-Fifths Compromise outlined the process for states to count slaves as part of the population in order to determine representation and taxation for the federal government.

The first step in understanding unfamiliar words is figuring out?

The part of speech

When trying to determine an unfamiliar word you should first?

Look at the words surrounded by it. The rest of the sentence that it's in should give you a clue on what it is but if it's just on it's own then you could start with looking at maybe any prefixes in the word or suffixes. They always have a meaning like for example the prefix pre always means something that has happened in the past.

Should judges be able to provide the meaning to the Constitution?

Judges are a necessary part of the process in applying and interpreting the Constitution. If Judges do not use and apply the rules laid down in the Constitution, it means nothing. to do that, a judge must determine how the constitution applies to the specific issues in the case being considered.

Which best describes the meaning of the statment if Athen B?

The statement "if Athen B" does not convey a clear meaning since it lacks context. It could possibly be part of a conditional statement or a comparison. More information would be needed to accurately determine its meaning.

What is the meaning of good after care when you are having cosmetic surgery?

It is vital part of the process. It lessens the possibility of infection and unwelcomed biological response

Which is not part of the evaluation process?

A reference is not part of the evaluation process

Is the chance of getting pregnant by a familiar partner higher than un unfamiliar one?

no. It all depend what part of your cycle you are in.