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"Frame shifting" is a diversionary tactic used in rhetoric as a way of flip-flopping between one or more moot points. The focal point of an argument is thus changed over and is never addressed or given a chance to bring to its logical conclusion. Because the focus of the argument is thrown into disarray it thus gives the erroneous illusion that your opponent cannot successfully argue against your position or that you have refuted him/her. FS is similar to changing the subject.

The term frame shifting is based off of the analogy of someone who is just taking a frame from a picture and running around showing you different things. "Hey look at this! Ok but what about this! Oh or this!"

The argument can take the following form,

Jess: Al why haven't you cleaned your room?

Al: Oh yah well what about you! You haven't done the dishes yet!

Jess: What does that have to do with cleaning your room?

Al: You know what Mom use to do the dishes all the time and she never asked me to clean my room.

Jess: ??

FS is not considered a fallacy because there is no argument being made. Before any of these moot points can be addressed the topic is changed. FS is however a rhetorical device and considered a bias/dishonest way of arguing.

A person using FS may be working off of a presupposition or paradigm paralysis/confirmation bias.

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Q: What is the term frame-shifting in Philosophy?
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