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Q: What is the term you use when accusing a federal official of a crime?
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Accusing the president of crime?

When accusing the president of a crime the term impeachment is typically used. This term refers to the actual proceedings against the president.

What is accusing the president of a crime called?


What is the correct term for the excused punishment of a federal crime?

Presidential Pardon (??)

What legal term for formally charging the president with a crime?


What is the penalty for messing others mail?

Mail tampering is a crime and is punishable by incarceration, fines, or a term of probation. Mail fraud however is federal crime.

What term describes the filing of charges against a major federal official by the house of representative's?


What is the length of a federal judge's term?

Federal judges serve for life unless they commit a crime.

What is the term that refers to an official remains in public office until their successor takes office?

federal gov

What is the term for when someone assumes something and asks a question accusing you of it?

Insinuation. Ever here someone remark "What are you insinuating??" in response to an accusing question?

Which term is best described as an act that breaks a federal or state criminal law and causes harm to people or society in general?

A crime.

What does the term McCarthyism mean apex?

Accusing people of disloyalty without proof

Which group of public officials has the shortest term of office?

The members of the US House of Representatives are elected for 2-year terms which is the shortest term of any federal official .