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the surface is cleavaged so therefore smooth

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What is the texture for feldspar?

Feldspars texture is rough

Which igneous rock has a vesicular texture and contains the minerals potassium feldspar and quartz?

Pumice would fit that description well.

What is perthitic texture?

A perthitic texture is an intimate intergrowth of sodic and potassic feldspar resulting from subsolidus exsolution (unmixing of two minerals). Strictly speaking a perthite has blebs or irregular lamellae of sodic feldspar within potassic alkali feldspar, however, the term perthite is often used to describe all types of exsolution in the feldspars. An antiperthite is an intergrowth arising due to exsolution where potassic feldspar is present as blebs or lamellae within a sodic feldspar. The term mesoperthite is used when sodic and potassic feldspars are in broadly equal anbundance. Perthite that can only be observed with the aid of a microscope is known as microperthite. Perthite in which the lamellae are barely visible under a microscope is termed cryptoperthite.

Is feldspar magnetic?

No, Feldspar is not!

How do you identify types of igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are identified by first looking at the color index. Felsic igneous rocks contain mostly potassium feldspar. Intermediate igneous rocks contain mostly plagioclase feldspar. Mafic igneous rocks contain pyroxene, olivine, and plagioclase feldspar. Ultra mafic igneous rocks contain mostly olivine. Then igneous rocks are identified based on texture. For example, the texture of igneous rocks can be aphanitic, pegmatitic, phaneritic, glassy, vesicular, etc.

Is feldspar a metal?

no, feldspar is a mineral.

Is a feldspar a luster?

No Feldspar is a mineral.

Is feldspar a compound or mixture?

Feldspar is a mixture.

What is the transparency of feldspar?

the transparency of feldspar is opaque

What minerals are found in granite?

Granite is composed of varying amounts of the must have minerals quartz, potassium feldspar (orthoclase feldspar, penis, sanidine feldspar, microcline feldspar), plagioclase feldspar, and may but does not have to have biotite, muscovite and hornblende.

What mineral group is Feldspar?

Feldspar is a tectosilicate mineral.

Is feldspar a nonsilicate mineral?

No. Feldspar is a silicate mineral.

What is feldspar fracture?

The fracture of feldspar is conchoidal or brittle.

Is feldspar renewable?

No. Feldspar is a non-renewable resource.

Can feldspar scratch feldspar?

If it is of similar chemistry, yes.

Is feldspar a rock or mineral?

Feldspar is a mineral that is found in igneous rocks. Potassium feldspar is one of the minerals in granite, while plagioclase feldspar is found in andesitic rock.

What is the dominant feldspar in granite?

Granite contains plagioclase feldspar and potassium feldspar. It really depends on the composition of the magma from which it forms. If the granite has a lot of pink in it, chances are it is potassium feldspar (K-Spar). If it is dominated by white, then the feldspar is probably plag.

Does Gabbro and granite have a similar mineral composition and texture?

the textures are similar yes but gabbro is made up of calcite and olivine while granite contains biotite mica, feldspar, and quartz.

What mineral group does feldspar belong to?

Feldspar is a tectosilicate mineral.

What is the feldspar?

Feldspar is a mineral found prety mutch anywhere.

Will calcite scratch feldspar?

No.because calcite is softer then feldspar

What mineral can Feldspar scratch?

a feldspar can scratch quartz

What has feldspar in it?

Feldspar can be found in many things, including soap

What minerals is a silicate Gematite Feldspar Calcite Halite?


How hard is orthoclase feldspar?

hardness for orthoclase feldspar is 6.0