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What is the time difference between British Columbia and Nova Scotia?


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3 Hours.

They are on Different sides of the country. BC is on the West Coast and Nova Scotia is on the East coast

Nova Scotia (UTC-4/UTC-3) is 4 hours ahead of most of British Columbia (UTC-8/UTC-7).


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There are three time zones *between* Halifax, Nova Scotia and British Columbia: Eastern, Central and Mountain Time Zones. Halifax is in Atlantic Time >Eastern >Central >Mountain British Columbia is in Pacific Time There is a 5 hour time difference. Halifax is 5 hours ahead of British Columbia. If it's noon in British Columbia, it's 5pm in Halifax.

The distance from Halifax, Nova Scotia to British Columbia by plane is 2852 miles (4590 Km).

British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia.Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.

Apples grow in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Ontario.

British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

some people in British Columbia supported the idea because they wanted more control over their government. British Columbia had the advantage that if they would join the confederation the Canadian government would make them a railway from Nova Scotia to British Columbia

Temperature wise, the hottest city in Canada is Victoria, British Columbia. In second place is Abbotsford, British Columbia. The coldest city in Canada is Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In Canada there was a Fort George on Ontario, Quebec. British Columbia and in Nova Scotia.

from British Columbia to Halifax is about 2786 miles or 4482.67 kilometers

British Columbia, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec

Presumably a lot more from British Columbia than from Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, they are one hour ahead from Ontario time.

Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia....

1 hour. Example: 10 AM in Nova Scotia = 9 AM in Florida.

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia are all east of British Columbia Territories Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut are North of BC

that is certainly not true. Nova Scotia has a VERY small population compared to Quebec, Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia... Each of which has a city with a higher population than ALL of Nova Scotia.

Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia are the most well known provinces.

Well.............. you see its either Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan!! :P :) haha byebye for now.

they are found in Nova Scotia, british Columbia Canada and Hasting New Zealand and probably a lot more places

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