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Copy shows the ignition timing for a 1979 F150 with the 460 cubic inch ( 7.5 liter ) V8 , automatic transmission , as 14 degrees BTDC

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Q: What is the timing for a 1979 ford f150 with a 460?
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What is the biggest motor to put in a f150?

ford 460 big block

What is the timing for a 460 Ford?

The timing for a 460 Ford engine is 14 degrees before top dead center. The engine should idle at about 600 rpm.

What is the firing order for a 1979 Ford F-150 with a 460 engine?

The firing order for a 1979 Ford F150 Pickup with 460 engine is: 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 Additional info FYI: Ignition timing A/T: 14 degrees BTDC #1 cylinder location: RIGHT-FRONT Distributor rotation: Counter-clockwise Spark plug gap: .044"

How do you advance the timing on a 94 ford 460?

turn it to the right.

Timing advance clockwise or counterclockwise Ford 460?

Gose counterclockwise on 302-360-390 and 460.

What is the timing for a 1976 ford F250 460 ci engine?


What is correct timing for a ford 460 1986?

8 btdc @ 800 rpm

What is correct ignition timing for 72 ford 460?

8 to 10 degreds btdc

What is spark plug gap on 1979 Ford F-150 460 CID?

for a 1979 Ford F-150 ( 7.5 liter / 460 cubic inch V8 ) the spark plug gap is ( .044 inch )

What is the firing order for a 1979 460 motor?

Ford did not produce a 460 in 1979. In 1978 the firing order for a 460 is 1-5-4-6-6-3-7-8. Ref: Chilton's Motor Manual 1981

When did Ford produce the 460 engine?

1974-1978, 1979-1998 (trucks only)

What is timing set at for a 1988 e-350 Ford 460 engine?

12 degrees BTDC.

What is the ignition timing on a 1976 ford 460 v 8?

I beleive the factory spec is 4-6 degrees retarded.

Will a 460 CI engine fit in a 1979 Ford F-350 that originally had a 400 CI Engine?


What weight oil for Ford 460?

The Ford 460 engine oil to be used is 5W30 or 10W30.

What can be found on the website 460 Ford?

There are many things that can be found on the website called 460 Ford. Examples of things that can be found on the website called 460 Ford includes Ford forum discussions and Ford images.

Will a Ford 302 distributor fit in a Ford 460?

absolutely not the 302 is in the front and the 460 is in the rear

What degree is timing set for 1996 ford 460?

In mechanics books it says to set the timing to 6 DBTDC with a timing light, (Caution: this is with all the pollution stuff on the motor) If you removed the pollution gadgets the timing should be set with a vacuum gauge and the timing will be 12 DBTDC.

Can you pppppput a 4.75 stroke crankshaft in a 460 ford engine?

As far as I know, yes you can, but you have to get a 1979 and later block in order to do so. (bores were made longer in the block in 1979)

Will a 460 fit in a 1972 Ford F-250?

I currently have a 1972 Ford F250 with a 460 in it.

How much horsepower ford 460?

The Ford 460 cubic inch engine came with several horsepower settings. The typical 460 cubic inch Ford engine had a 330 horsepower rating.

What is the aluminum part a water pump bolts or seals to on an 88 ford 250 460 big block 7.5L truck?

Timing chain cover.

Will a 460 engine fit in a 1961 ford f100?

Yes, i have a 1961 Ford F100 with a 460! Love cruising!

What liter is a 460 Ford motor?

Ford calls their 460 cubic inch V8 engine a ( 7.5 litre )

What is the operating temperature of a 1979 Ford 460 it was professionally rebuilt and is 60 thousandths oversize?

It would depend on the thermostat, probably 195 degrees.