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timing is 6 degree before TDC


On my 1978 305 Camaro I've set the timing at 10 deg. before TDC. Sparg plugs used: Accel # 576 with .045 gap. I'm even thinking of increasing the timing to 11 or 12 deg. before TDC and decreasing the mechanical and vacuum advance a little. But since I don't have an adjustable timing light just yet, I can't tell how that would work out.



The timing degrees aloing with the proper spark plug gap, should be on the emission controls decal located under the hood in front of the radiator.

10 degrees btdc is good. but remove the vacuum hose from the vacuum advance first and plug it. set the idle at 750 rpm in drive if its an automatic. 550 if its a standard, then put the vacuum line back on. If you try to start it when its hot, and it bucks the starter, slow the timing down a bit, not much tho. the 10 degree will give you a little more pep. dont forget to gap the plugs at .046 . marlin

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Q: What is the timing for a Chevy 305?
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