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1992 Chevy 350, you need to unplug the brown wire under the black cover on the pass side firewall. Then make sure its timed on 0 measured at the front of the damper. If it does not run right take off the dist cap and with a socket and long breaker bar have someone watch the dist rotor as you turn the engine reverse rotation, what you are looking for is a slack in the timing chain. If their is significant slop, then retime engine 2 degrees advanced til it is running good again. When you are done reconnect the brown wire and put the plastic cover back on. Done.

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How do unhook est on a 1995 Chevy 2500?

Why would you want to unhook the Electronic Spark Timing?

How to Set timing for Chevy 350 do i have to unhook any hoses?

Yes. Unhook and plug the hose going to the distributor, set the timing to factory specs, then replace the hose.

What is the Timing setting on 1999 4.3l Chevy s10?

There is no timing adjustment, The computer controlls the timing.

Why does my 1978 Chevy truck backfire through carb at start up after new distrubator?

timing advanced, 180 out, Chevy requires delayed vacuum for advance, did you change the vacuum supply location? firing order 18436572 clockwise on distributer, turning distributer counterclock wise advances timing,

Does accidentally turning the distributor throw of the timing on a 4.3 V6 Chevy?

yes turning the distributer will throw off timing in any car or truch with one

What is the base ignition timing for a 1993 Chevy 1500 5.7?

Its the brown wire from the distributor, goes to the fuses/relays on your firewall. unhook that and you will have your base timing.

Setting timimg on 250 1966 Chevy truck?

what is initial timing on 1966 chevy 250

Does distributer from 350 Chevy the same as distributer from305?

the are identical go for it

Setting timing on 1998 Chevy truck?

That requires an OBD2 engine scanner to set the timing. You can NO longer use a timing light.

If a Chevy 350 engine needs to be timed does that mean the motor isn't any good?

it does not mean that. it means that the timing is off so it has to be timed by a timing gun pointed at the distributer and adjusted

What is the timing setting for a 1978 Chevy 350?

Just set timing for 4 deg BTDC on my 69 runs great.

What is the ignition timing setting on 1964 Chevy 283 2 bbl?

timing on my 283 4-barrel is 8 degrees btc.

What is the Ignition Timing setting for a 1974 Chevy 454?

The base ignition timing for a 1974 Chevy 454 engine is between 8 and 12 degrees below top dead center. A timing light is needed to accurate set ignition timing.

Where is the timing mark on a Chevy 1500 with a 350?

The timing mark is one the Harmonic balancer and the pointer is attached to the timing cover. Roll the motor over to the timing mark, the be sure and mark the number one plug {marked on the intake manifold} the position of the rotor pointer on the distributer.

What is the timing setting for a 1990 Chevy 1500 pick 5.0 302?

Chevy 302the 5.0 302 is a ford engine do you mean the 305?

What is the timing setting for a 1982 chevy 30 292 motor 6-cylinder?

you should be able to get a timing book from your local parts store

What is the procedure to set the timing on a 1997 Chevy 1500 with a 5.0 liter?

You need a timing light to set the correct timing. Once the truck has been set at base timing at 0-2 degrees by disconnecting the timing wire and setting the dist., the computer adjusts the timing by itself to the proper setting.. There is not an adjustment for the the idle speed on this truck.

Why you get a weak spark at the coil and no spark out of the distributor its a 1998 Chevy Silverado 305 engine?

well this could be a number of things... cracked distributer cap? rotor wore out? cam problem? distributer gear wore out? timing chain jumpin? one of these would be my first guess

How do set the timing on a 1984 Chevy c10 with a 305?

first run number one cylinder to top dead center on the compression stroke. then set the distributer till the firing tip on the roder is pointing directly at the number 1 spark plug wire on the distributer cap.

How do you replace a odometer cable on a 82 Chevy Camaro?

unhook it from the speedometer head and unhook it from the tranny and take it out.

Timing mark is dead center on Chevy 350?

The timing depends on model and year. Try 8 degrees BTDC. It should run fine at that setting.

84 Chevy firing order on distributer?

18436572 clockwise

Time belt setting for 350 motor?

The Chevy 350 does not have a timing belt, It has a timing chain. If you are wanting to know where to set the timing, then I need to know the year of the engine. Thay are all different.

What is the timing setting on a 1993 Chevy 1500 pickup with a 350 engine?

0 TDC / Top dead center.

How do you time your Chevy 350?

buy a timing light. clip it to the #1 plug wire. loosen the bolt on the distibutor. Unplug the timing advance. start the engine Point it to the harmonic balancer and turn the distributer until the timing mark on the timing cover lines up with the mark on the harmonic balancer. Tighten the distibutor bolt. plug in the timing advance.