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The bulbous portion at the end of the penis is called the glans.

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Q: What is the tip of a penis called?
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What is a tube that runs the bladder to the tip of the penis?

The tube that runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis is called the urethra.

Why is your penis inside?

Do you mean "Why is the tip of your penis inside your foreskin?" Or do you mean "Why is your entire penis inside your body?" The foreskin covers the tip of the penis to provide protection for it. A penis that is entirely or mostly inside the body is called a "Hidden" or "Inverted" penis and this condition is geneally a direct result of being overweight or obese. The penis is actually normal but is partially or wholly buried by excessive body fat. The obvious remedy for this condition is to lose weight.

What does it mean if you have irregular clear penile discharge and pain in the tip of the penis?

it means that you have Cancer inside the tip of your Penis.... I am Very sorry. Either consult your Doctor and he'll have to amputate your penis or Do it your self.

What is pull - out method?

It's called withdrawal, when a man pulls his penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. It DOESN'T prevent pregnancy, because there's usually something at the tip of the penis.

What is myomma?

a dieaese that effects the tip of a child's penis.

What Carrie the sperm and urine to the tip of the penis?


Where is the hottest place on Unites States?

my penis tip

Carries Sperm or urine to the tip of the penis?


What does it mean if the tip of your penis is cut?

A cut penis usualy means it has been mutilated by cicumsicion.

What is the fluid that stays at the tip of the penis called?

It is pre-ejaculate (pre-cum). It is the body trying to form lubrication to help with sex.

Is there sperm preacent at the tip of the penis?

Not yet. But keep working on it.

Which quadrant is the supra pubic area located in?

tip of the penis

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