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There were two engines offered that year. 84 Z28 LG4 V8 8.6:1 Comp/Ratio 5.0 L (305) Cu/In 150 h.p @4000 rpm 240 lb/ft @2400 rpm 4bbl carb 84 Z28 L69 V8 9.5:1 Comp/Ratio 5.0 L (305) Cu/In 190 h.p.@4800 rpm 240 lb/ft @3200 rpm 4bbl carb HO

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What is the top speed of a 1984 camaro z 28 and how much hp did it come with out of the factory?

Around 130-135 MPH top speed, it could have either the base 305 V8 (170 hp) or the 305 H.O. V8 (190 hp)

Did the 1984 Z28 HO camaro come with posi?

It was available RPO G80 was Posi.

What kind of engine do the 2010 camaro need?

They shouldn't need any since they already come factory-equipped with an engine.

What year did the first Camaro come out?

The first camaro come out in early 1964

Did the 1997 Chevrolet Camaro come with a speed governor?

Yes, all vehicles come with a speed governor and this camaro also came with a rev limited to prevent damage to the crank shaft. If you want to bump up both, buy a hypertech powerprogrammer from summit racing.com and you can change all points, from, coolant temp to shift points to tires...

Do the 2009 Camaro come in all wheel drive?

The new Camaro is a 2010 model, and no, it doesn't come in all wheel drive.

What year did the first CD player come out for vehicle?

Sony introduced the car CD player in 1984. It was a factory option in a 1985 Mercedes.

What is the top speed of 2012 Chevrolet Impala?

Factory 2012 Impalas come with the pcm limited to 112 MPH due to the fact that the factory ships them with tires that that have a safe speed rating of "T"=112 MPH. With the PCM retuned via a programmer and some high speed rated tires the Impala should reach a top speed of 140+ MPH.

How do you remove axle from differential on a 1984 camaro berlinetta?

take back plate off of the rearend pumpkin and there is a horseshoe clip at the end of the axle inside the rearend that has to come out and then the axle will pull out.

Does a 1980 Chevy Camaro have a computer in it?

No, a computer controlled Camaro did not come around until 82, with the Crossfire Injection.

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