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3500lbs with factory towing package.


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2000 pounds unless it has the factory towing package, then it is 5000 pounds

The true Sport package had 16". All other Cougars came with 15" unless they paid for 16's from the factory.

By default, your executables are installed in /bin or /usr/bin. You can find where a package is installed using the command "dpkg -L <package name>".

If it doesn't have a tow package factory installed, it may not have one. Some vechicals have to be added, if it isn't there you might wanna take it to the shop and have one installed.

If it came from the factory with the tow package option, yes.If it came from the factory with the tow package option, yes.

It all depends on the cab (Double or Crewmax), if you have a tow package installed and if it's 2x4 or 4x4. It's around 10,500Lbs plus or minus 300 lbs depending in the equipment installed.

Tow capacity is 3500 pounds without factory tow package. With any trailer load over about 1500 pounds an electric brake system is very highly recommended.

Requires factory tow package or aftermarket oil cooler engine and trans 5,500 lbs V6 6,500 lbs V8

Towing Capacity is 2,000 lbs. for the non-tow package models and 3,500 lbs. for the tow package models.

No the Volvo XC90 does not come with a GPS device standard but can be added through a Multimedia package for $2500 or a portable GPS can be added for $890

My 2008 states 10000 lbs in the owners manual. Note that I have the factory towing package!

Without the pricey ($1,000-$1,200) Honda towing package, the tow rating is 0#! When you install the Honda package the rating is then 3,500# for trailer and 4,500# for boat. Honda will not honor warranty claims for towing related repaires if the Honda package is not installed by a Honda certified mechanic.

rpm -q pkge_namethis command will query the specifid package if it is already existing,otherwise it will give message that package isnot installed.

Depends if it came from factory with Trailer package. And that doesn't mean pop a hitch on it and it has the trailer package. Package came with heavier duty pieces such as shocks, etc. Without trailer towing package......1400 lbs. with 6 occupants, 2000 lbs. with 2 occupants. With tow package......2,900 lbs. with 6, and up to 3,500 lbs with 2 occupants.

On a Ford Freestar : ( NO ) * according to the 2006 Ford Freestar Owner Guide , up to ( 2000 lbs if the factory trailer towing package is installed )

Towing capacity of a 4x4 double cab V6 model is 6500# with the towing package. Without the towing package it is 3500.


If you have a 4.3Litre engine, and a factory installed towing package the tow rating is 5300 lbs,max 5500 lbs. Always change your tranny fluid every 50,000 klms, and check fliud levels while towing. Tranny cooler and rad seals pop.

Depends what year and what trim level, and if you have the factory tow package. With the factory tow package, you can tow 9100 lbs. Without it, you can either two 7400 or 6100 (LE/SE or XE). You can generally tell if you have the factory tow package by the presence of the pull-out mirrors.

I've never heard of a Dale Earnhardt package available from the factory, but many of those packages were dealer installed down south.

"Bob" the owner of the Hitch Shop in Calgary will tell you that it is 3500lbs (without the beefed up Honda oil/pwr steering fluid coolers fitted). With 4WD and the towing package you can tow up to 5000lbs.

Some of the factory options for a Lexus GS are the premium sound and the wheels package. They have a leather package and also have onstar in some of thier cars but can be an option in the GS.

no there is not a factory tow package for the tracker, any tow package that you put on your tracker you will also have to install a transmission cooling system so you do not fry your transmission and damage your transfer case, you can get one at your local uhaul company.

All class from package java.lang is implicitly installed.

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