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The Mazda Tribute is a compact CUV manufactured by Mazda since 2001. Jointly developed by Mazda and the Ford Motor Company it’s extraordinary performance sets it off from other cars.

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How do you replace tag lights on Mazda Tribute?

License Plate Light, Tribute 2004, Replace:

My owners manual stated to unscrew the two screws on the clear lens. There were no screws. If you look at the left lens, you will see an arrow that is molded in to the lens pointing to the left, and the right lens points to the right.

Push the lens in the direction of the arrow until it stops, on the end opposite of the arrow you will need to pull down that side, as there is a curved clip that is part of the molded lens that keeps it in place. You may need to insert a flat bladed screw driver in the area opposite the arrow to assist in the removal.

The light socket assembly is twisted to remove it and then you pull out the bulb and replace it. Insert the socket assembly to the housing and test bulb to insure it works. Next, put the molded arrow end in first and then push lens assembly until it snaps into place. When I first tried to remove the lens, I was worried I would break something and once you get the lens housing out, you will see what keeps the lens in place....or you can go to the dealer and pay thru the nose.

Mazda Tribute

Can stardust be destroyed with torrent tribute and bottomless in a chain?

Yes, but it is also able to chain itself to these, to negate and destroy it them.

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What kind - type of transmission fluid do you use in a Taurus - Sable?

AnswerFor fluid recommendation, refer to the Owners ManualAND the Ford Technical Service Bulletin - TSB linked below.

For all model years Taurus / Sable, the TSB basically states that Mercon V is now the specified transmission fluid.

See "Related Questions" below for a discussion on transmission fluids, including a Ford technical service bulletin on the topic.

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What are the check engine codes for a Mazda Protege 5?

rectangular box with a smaller box on the bottom... bad explanation... autozone it up, they scan for free there should a 16 pin diagnostic port at the top left corner of your engine compartment, against the fire wall ...little grey box......

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How do you replace the alternator on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

MAZDA Tribute Alternator replacement V6
This applies to the Mazda Tributes. To change the alternator; the factory procedure at the dealership says to drop the sub-frame from under the front of the vehicle. Then everything is accessible. This is not necessary.
1. Remove the right front tire
2. Remove dust pan from right front
3. Remove the brake caliper and caliper bracket
4. Remove the 2 bolts from the half shaft support bracket
5. Remove the half shaft axle assembly
6. Remove the serpentine belt
7. Remove the 3 bolts holding the alternator in place
8. Remove the 3 bolts holding the alternator mounting bracket
9. Remove the alternator mounting bracket
10. Remove the electrical connection on the alternator.
11. The studs that are spot welded on the half shaft bracket will try to keep you from being able to remove the alternator. Put the nuts back on the studs until they are flush with the end. This will protect the threads while you take a straight bar long enough to get past the strut and knock out both studs from the bracket. They are only spot welded on the bracket.
The alternator now has enough room by rotating and dropping down to remove through the opening.
When re-installing the studs put lock washers on the back side and an O-ring on the front of them all the way up to the bracket so they will stay in place while you line up the axle bracket and get the nuts started.
You are on your way to Getting 'ER Done".. !
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How do you change the clock in a Mini Cooper from military to standard time?

Press both setting buttons together for about 5 seconds.

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What is the problem with a Mazda protege 1996 if it gets stuck in park?

Is the car facing uphill? If it is its a good idea for a few people to push the car from behind while another person applying the brakes and taking it out of "park". You might have also accelerated too much into a parking bumper (against your front tires) making it much more difficult to take the car out of park. That's happened to me before and I've learned not to go all the way into a parking space to the point that you hit the bumper and then lock the car in by quickly placing it on park (for example, when you're in a hurry) In that event again try to push the car forward, apply the brakes and then try to get it out of park. You may have blown a fuse. That happened to me in my 98 Ford Escort. It kept blowing because there was a short. There's a short term solution which is to take off a little, very little tab next to the shift lever on that faceplate. Stick a screwdriver or anything that will fit in there and push down. While pushing you will be able to move the lever out of Park.

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Where are the timing marks on a 30 liter v6?

There are three timing marks for the 3.0liter V6 Mazda engine found in the MPV. One is on the crankshaft sprocket and the other two are on the cam sprockets.

1. Remove the uper Idler pulley remove the belt now ease the tensioner out loccated at the left lower corner under the tensioner pulley. 2. Be very careful with this is an expensive item $189.89 at Mazda. Take the unit (tensioner to a vise, using the vice while making sure the unit is straight tighten the vice slowly allowing the tension to slowly sink with in its self. See the small hole once th e unit is withing its self using a small Allen wrench insert it int eht hole, making sure it passed completely thru the plunger. 3. Now reinstall the plunger. Make sure when you do the tensioner pulley is up and out of the way. After installing the tensioner place the pulley back and look at eht tensioner pully how it sets ont eht plunger I did not and broke the thing ($189.89 at Mazda) . 4. Install the timing belt starting with the crank then the idler pulley on the right (near the a/c) then over the cam sprocket above the pulley. 5. Now the other side. After makins sure you did not move anything and keeping the belt in place re-install the upper idler pulley. MAKE SURE YOU TOURQUE THIS TO 29 TO 38 FT POUNDS. It is recommended you you use a new bolt they have tendence to brake. 6. Remember the Allen in the tension pull it out. rotate the engine 2 complete revolutions and check the marks again. It they don't line up remove the belt and do it again. Note: I have found they they will not line up correctly. When I replace the timing belt for what ever reason. The cam pulley on the passenger side I leave it 2 teeth before the timing mark and then put everything together. After two complete turns the line up fine. 7. Once ever thing lines up and while the marks are lined up (all 3). Revove the distributor cap and remvoe the distributer align the rotor to where it points to number one wire. Note looking at it from the drivers side (standing beside the fender, it should line up with the center screw hole for the cap.

And that's it.....sounds like a lot. But I can pull a unit down and replace the belt and have it running in abotu 90 minutes start to finish.

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How do you get the lens cover off to replace a brake light bulb in a Mazda Tribute?

Open the rear hatch, remove the 2 screw on the side of the taillight lens and carefully pull towars u, dont worry u wont brake it, but just be carefull, if u like just find a smal screwdrive and a shop rag and pry the coners that rap aroundby fenderwell that is where the push pins are located one on top and one on the bottom

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How do you replace fog lamps on a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

look under the vehicke where the fog lamps are and you will see a rubber housing that fits around the openin gof the fog lamps, Now take off the rubber seal and you will see the mini bulb and alls you have to do is push forward on both of the small springs and it will release and from there you can tak eoff the mini fog lamp bulb.

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How do you clear the Check Engine Light on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

If you have an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) scanner, you can read the error code and reset check engine light. Obviously, if the problem is still occurring the light will come back on. Most of the chain autoparts places will read and reset the OBD for you for free.

the scanner read #141

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Are airbag light problems common on a 2002 Mazda Tribute?

This airbag issue is part of a recall by Mazda. You should contact your dealer.

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How much does it cost on average to replace ignition on 2001 Mazda Tribute?

It cost me 268.00 dollars today. The work was done by a local locksmith. My key would only go halfway into the barrel or switch.

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How do I reset the check engine light on a 2003 Mazda Tribute?

I don't believe you (as an operator) can "reset" the check engine light. A mechanic can probably reset it using the port that actually draws the code which caused the failure. When my check engine light came on, I did what the owners manual indicated and just tried a few more tanks of gas (manual indicated that a bad tank of gas might be the problem, or the gas cap might not be installed correctly). After a tank and a half, light went out and hasn't been back on since.

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You have a Mazda tribute 2002 The rear driver brake light doesn't work but same bulb works when light's are on Any idea what the problem is?

Most bulbs have dual functions. Take the bulb out and look at it. It should have two springs inside. and if one of the springs are broken replace the bulb.

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How do you change a heater core in a 2002 Mazda tribute?

  1. Drain the engine coolant.

  2. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core.
  3. Remove the driver air bag module.
  4. Remove the two front door scuff plates.
  5. Remove the four pin-type retainers.
  6. Remove the two front door scuff plates.
  7. Remove the two A-pillar lower trim panels.
  8. Remove the two pin-type retainers.
  9. Remove the two A-pillar lower trim panels.
  10. Disconnect the electrical connectors located by the LH cowl.
  11. Position the hood latch release handle aside.
  12. Remove the bolts.
  13. Position the hood latch release handle aside.
  14. Remove the utility compartment.
  15. Remove the four pin-type retainers.
  16. Remove the utility compartment.
  17. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  18. Remove the instrument panel steering column cover.
  19. Release the upper clips and rotate the cover outward to release the lower pivot retainers.
  20. Remove the steering column lower cover.
  21. Remove the screws.
  22. Remove the steering column lower cover.
  23. If equipped, disconnect the shift cable.
  24. Disconnect the shift cable.
  25. Disconnect the shift cable from the retaining bracket.
  26. Remove the steering column coupler access cover.
  27. Disconnect the steering column coupler.
  28. Remove the steering column coupler bolt and nut.
  29. Disconnect the steering column coupler.
  30. Remove the cover panel.
  31. Remove the pin-type retainer.
  32. Release the retaining clip.
  33. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  34. Disconnect the climate control vacuum harness connector.
  35. Disconnect the in-line electrical connector.
  36. Remove the four instrument panel center brace bolts.
  37. Remove the passenger air bag module.
  38. Disconnect the vacuum harness connector.
  39. Disconnect the temperature control cable.
  40. Position the locator pin.
  41. Release the locking tab.
  42. Disconnect the temperature control cable from the blend door shaft.
  43. Close the glove compartment.
  44. Press the release tabs inward while raising the glove compartment.
  45. Disconnect the electrical connectors at the blower motor.
  46. Disconnect the antenna cable in-line connector.
  47. Open the four A-pillar passenger assist handle covers.
  48. Remove the two A-pillar passenger assist handles.
  49. Remove the four bolts.
  50. Remove the two A-pillar passenger assist handles.
  51. Remove the two windshield side garnish moldings.
  52. Remove the instrument panel cowl top cover.
  53. Remove the instrument panel cowl top bolt.
  54. Loosen the tilt lever (if equipped) and lower steering column.
  55. Position the transmission range selector lever (if equipped) down to provide access to the instrument cluster finish panel and instrument cluster.
  56. Remove the screws and the instrument cluster finish panel.
  57. Remove the screws.
  58. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the instrument cluster.
  59. Through the instrument cluster opening, remove the instrument panel nut.
  60. Remove the two instrument panel finish end panels.
  61. Remove the four instrument panel cowl side bolts.
This step requires an assistant.
  1. Remove the instrument panel.

  2. Remove the heater blending door levers.
  3. Remove the screw for heater blending door.
  4. Remove the levers for the blending door.
  5. Remove the heater core.
  6. Remove the three screws.
  7. Remove the cover for the heater core and pull the heater core out of the housing.
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Where is the idle air control valve located on a 2003 Mazda Tribute?

I just replaced my IAC valve on our 2004 Tribute 6-cylinder. It takes about 5 minutes. It's the small silver device setting on the very top right center of the motor with 2 bolts holding it on. Follow your air filter plastic hose where it goes into your motor. Look on top and you will see the IAC.
My 12 year old grandson could have did this job. Very simple....

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Why would a 1993 Chevy Cavalier make a warning sound while driving but no warning lights come on?

I have a 93 cavalier. The check gauges light could be burned out. Verify it is working by turning the key fwd but not to the on position and watching the dash to see if the light comes on. Otherwise it is likely a crossed wire or short in the relay that the sound comes out of. Located above your feet on the drivers side. It will have a little speaker on it.

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How do you replace the fog lamps on a 1999 Firebird?

Take out 2 bolts (10 mm)on the plastic cover underneath the car, pull down the flap, reach inside and turn the fog lamp bulb holder 1/4 turn counterclockwise and pull it out and change the bulb.

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Why does your Air bag light on 2001 Mazda tribute stay on?

more than likely that the drivers seat has been adjusted and one of the connections between the seat and airbag has not re-connected. you need to visit your local Mazda dealer who will run an ECU check yia a plug underneath the dashboard.

The airbag will not deploy in any situation, emergency or not, while this light is on. please bear this in mind!

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Mazda tribute 2008 fuel filter location?

in front of gas tank, look under rear driverside door

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What is the reason for a knocking noise when the RP-Ms hit 4000 you just changed the battery and were taking a test drive?

sound like crappy gas, when you change the battery it could have changed the power output of the spark put in premium gas and see if this fix's is it. I disagree with the above. After disconnecting the battery, the owners manual specifically states a procedure you must follow to have the vehicles computer re-learn and re-synch the electronics, check it out.

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Can you use a ford escape speed sensor on a Mazda tribute?

Yep, same vehicle mechanically. From 2001-2006 I believe they share the same 3.0 duratec and cd4e tranny. (In the v6 form) So as long as the years and engine match up you should be fine.

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When should i engage 4wd on a Mazda tribute?

1) When your vehicle is stuck and unable to achieve movement in 2WD mode.

2) While driving on soft (unpaved) surface such as mud, deep snow, or sand.

3) When otherwise unable to climb over an obstacle.

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How do you clear the instrument panel light for coolant reservoir?

Check the coolant reservior for any leak. 1. If there is leak, try to stop the leak by A). go for coolant reservior replacement from dealership or from junk yard used part dealer. B). Stop the leak by putting adequate glue (i.e. glue which could sustain high temp) over the leak area. 2. If there is NO leak, it is probably a bad sensor, a known problem according to the Mazda Parts Dept. Replace the reservoir which includes the coolant sensor. They are sold as one part.


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