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the answer is that the demcracy

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Q: What is the translation in English for people who is a law worker?
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Where can you find the English translation of Iran copyright law 1973?

Iranian copyright law has remained unchanged since at least 1970. You can find an English translation at the related link below.

What is the English to Latin translation of 'law of attraction'?

The Latin translation of the English phrase 'law of attraction' is the following: lex virium attrahendi. The word 'lex' means 'law'. The word 'virium' means 'of force', and 'attrahendi' means 'attracting'.

What the English to Latin translation of 'by law'?

I believe it is 'per-legem'. This is according to Google translate anyway :)

What was the name given to the vast body of English law that helped secure the rights of the English people after the 12th century?

common law

What was the name given to the vast body of English law that helped secure rights of the English people after the 12th century?

Common Law

What is the translation of the word procuradores?

The translation of the word procuradores means attorneys, or lawyers. This originated as a Spanish word, and is used when referring to people in the court of law.

Is it a state law in Kentucky to have worker compensation insurance on 1 employee?

is it a law in kentucky to have worker compensation on only 1 employee

What is the meaning of legal translation?

Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. As law is a culture-dependent subject field, the work of legal translation and its products, are not necessarily linguistically transparent.

What are the legal consequences towards a family childsocial worker when she breaks the law?

All people are to be treated equally under the law of the United States. This means that the legal consequences toward a family child social worker when he or she breaks the law should be no different than those toward anybody else.

What is the difference between colonial law English law?

colonial law is not law are rules of english law

The Torah in English?

There are English translations of the Torah, but they are in usually in book form. The original Torah scroll is in Hebrew. another answer "The Torah" in English translates to "the teaching" or "the Law". An English translation of the complete Torah will usually be titled "The Torah", or "The Pentateuch", or "The Five Books of Moses."

Why receive English law is a source of nigeria law?

What is receive English law

Can English people be Sikhs?

English people can be what ever Religion they want.. its the human rights law that no matter what race or religion people are they'll always be treated the same

What is the Welsh translation for Sister-in-Law?

chwaer yng nghyfraith

What is the equivalent Tagalog word for law?

Tagalog translation of LAW: batas

What does mother do for work in The Giver?

law and justice worker

Is a social worker a lawyer?

Some social workers might be lawyers, but it is not necessary for a social worker to hold a law degree or to have passed the bar exam (the law exam.)

What is 'law' when translated from English to Italian?

"Law" in English is legge in Italian.

Your coworker spreads lies about you to your brother-in-law?

Unless your brother in law enjoys hearing the lies each day then I would ask him to just not listen to any more of them and tell the co worker that you are his family and he would rather not hear it. If this co worker is telling these lies to your brother in law at the work place then go to your boss and have both of them called in the office to confront the co worker,better yet tell your brother in law that is your plan if it keeps on and maybe he will stop it for you. If the brother in law and the co worker don't work together and the co worker is telling these lies to him outside his work then just get your brother in law in the car and meet this co worker and ask the person why are you lieing on me,your brother in law can be your back up and stop this if he wants too before it gets this far.

What is the Welsh translation for 'sister-in-law'?

chwaer yng nghyfraith

Can English Law be applied in Malaysia?

If there is no Malaysian case law,English case law can be applied.

What is the Hebrew word for 'brother-in-law'?

The Hebrew translation for 'brother-in-law' is GIS גיס.

What is the English translation for the Latin phrase sec leg?

Sec leg is not actually a phrase, it's an abbreviation. The full phrase is secundum legem, which means "according to law."

What impact did the English common law have on the US?

US common law formed from English common law

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'your sister-in-law'?

La tua cognata is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "your sister-in-law".Specifically, the feminine singular definite article la is "the". The feminine possessive adjective tuameans "(informal singular) your". The feminine noun cognata translates as "sister-in-law".The pronunciation will be "la TOO-a ko-NYA-ta" in Italian.