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Not sure what you're question's asking, but transposing music is taking an existing piece of music in one key and putting it into another key note for note. So it would be the same melody in a different key.

The effect of sounding a melody an octave lower would be to make it "deeper" sounding. Going from the sound of a woman's voice to a man's voice would be the most obvious example. On a keyboard, moving to the left 7 white notes would make the sound an octave lower. The sound of a 'cello is approximately and octave lower than a viola. The sound of a double bass is approximately an octave lower than a 'cello. The sound of a tuba is approximately an octave lower than a tenor Trombone. The sound of a Flute is approimately an octave lower than a piccolo. Lower sounds tend to be less brilliant to our ear and more mellow than higher sounds generally.

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Q: What is the transposing effect of going an octave lower on a music piece?
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Is the viola a transposing instrument?

No it isn't, the only transposing string instrument is the Double Bass, which plays one octave lower than written.

What is the transposition of a guitar?

The classical guitar is transposing because it is played an octave lower than read, I think.

What clef is used on a tenor saxophone?

treble clef It's a transposing instrument written in treble clef. The sound is an octave and major 2nd lower than written.

What clef does the baritone use?

If by the baritone you mean the euphonium in the military and wind bands the part is non-transposing and written in the bass clef. In brass bands it is treated as a transposing instrument (Euphonium in B-flat) the part is written in the treble cleff sounding 1 octave + 1 tone lower than written. If you are refering to the tenor saxhorn or Baritone (B-flat Baritone) as it is called as used in brass bands then it is always a transposing instrument written in the treble clef sounding 1 octave + 1 tone lower than written. Then there is the baritone sax which is written in the treble clef (Baritone Sax in e-flat) which sounds 1 octave+ a sixth lower than written

Does bass trombone play an octave lower?

No, not a full octave, but it does have a lower range than a tenor trombone.

What does The cello sound an octave lower than?

The cello is tuned to have the same strings as a viola, but they are an octave lower.

Is the trombone lower than the bari sax?

Yes it is. The trumpet is lower than the alto. The trombone is an octave lower than the trumpet. The baritone sax is an octave lower than the alto.

How do you play Super Mario Bros on Bb Clarinet when you can not play the high octave key notes and need a keyed down version?

You can either transpose the music down a few semitones or play the whole piece an octave lower. I don't know the notes so I can't tell you which, but transposing the music will put it at a different pitch and be easier to play.

What does 8va?

8va means that you have to play the tune an octave higher or lower. Together with 8va you should find a hairpin that starts from where you should play an octave higher or lower till when you should stop. If you find it on top of the music you should play it an octave higher, if you find it below the music, you should play it an octave lower

Is A 440 lower then frequency A 880?

Yes. It's exactly one octave lower.

What is an example of an octave?

An octave is one note plus either a multiple of its double or half. It is an interval of 8 notes. An example of an octave is from a lower C to a higher C above it.

What is the name of the lower pitched bassoon?

The bigger version is the contrabassoon, which plays one octave lower.

Is c minor lower than d minor?

Depends on what octave you are playing the chords in. If you are playing both in the same octave, then yes.

Is the b flat clarinet is twice as long as the bass clarinet and sounds an octave lower?

Nope. Other way around. The bass clarinet IS twice as long as the Bb one, and IS an octave lower.

What does an octave look like?

an octave is a sound ratio An octave is a span of eight diatonic notes in music. In other words, it is the same note played seven full notes higher or lower.

What is an e flat saxophone?

the Alto and Baritone saxophones are tuned in E-flat. This is a transposing instrument always written in the treble-clef. The alto clarinet sounds a major 6th lower than written and the baritone an octave + a major sixth lower than written. Only the E-flat trumpet and Soprano cornet sound higher (a minor third) than written

Which is lower in pitch cello or viola?

Cello is lower in pitch by one octave. It is also much bigger.

How much do you have to slow down music for it to be one octave lower?


Is F sharp lower than G flat?

F sharp and G flat are the same. F sharp is a half octave up from a F and a G flat is a half octave lower than a G.

Where to download the FLUTE sheet music for flight of the bumble bee?

8notes. It is for piano, but you can make it either an octave higher or an octave lower, whatever is necessary.

How do the electric bass sound like?

Like a guitar but 1 octave lower

Two notes form an octave how are there frequencies related?

Two notes are said to be form an octave when the frequency of the higher note is twice the frequency of the lower note.

What key does an English Horn play in?

It is a transposing instrument in the key of F, sounding a fifth lower than the written notes.

How do you use alto in a sentence?

The alto boys and girls are an octave lower than soprano.

What is one octave lower than a really high E on the alto saxophone?

The really high E would be the E written three ledger lines above the staff. One octave lower will be the E written in the top space of the staff.