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They were the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. ____ There were some other similar trials, for example the 'Bergen-Belsen Tribunal'; there were trials in Poland, Belgium and France, and many other countries.

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Who were the criminals of the Holocaust?

The Germans

Why were criminals killed in the holocaust?

Criminals would have been killed because of their crimes, but this would have been part of the justice system, not part of the Holocaust, people were only killed for being Jewish in the Holocaust.

What is another name for the Nuremburg trial?

It might be Nazi War Crimes Trial.Trial of the Major War Criminals is an alternate search term for the Nuremburg Trials on Wikipedia.

What is the Nuremberg trial also known as?

The first trial was the 'Trial of the Major War Criminals' .

Who was the focus of the Nuremberg trials?

War criminals. (Not those involved in the Holocaust)

What did the Nuremberg Trial emphasize?

It brought the Nazi war criminals to justice.

Is it still illegal for Irish reporters to name criminals?

It is not and has not been illegal for journalists to name criminals. Journalists in Ireland name criminals all the time.

What are the release dates for Nova - 1974 Holocaust on Trial 28-2?

Nova - 1974 Holocaust on Trial 28-2 was released on: USA: 31 October 2000

What holocaust word starts with the letter I?

· International Military Tribunal - prosecuted Nazi war criminals

What word starts with an i that relates to the Holocaust?

· International Military Tribunal - prosecuted Nazi war criminals

What are some Holocaust words that start with the letter i?

· International Military Tribunal - prosecuted Nazi war criminals

What trial took place after World War 2 to prosecute Nazi war criminals?

The post-world war 2 nazi war criminals prosecution

Where were the Nazis leaders tried for the Holocaust?

You're probably thinking of Nuremberg, but the trial related to a whole range of issues, not only the Holocaust.

Is Holocaust an appropiate name?

Yes, the Holocaust is an appropriate name for that event.

What were the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals?

The Nuremberg Trials were 13 trials held in Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II. The first, held by an international tribunal (American, British, French, and Russian), was the "War Criminals" trial (to keep it simple, it was the trial of the "big names" in Nazism). It was followed by a series of 12 more trials held buy the United States: the Doctor's trial, the Milch trial, the Judge's trial (this is what the movie "Judgment at Nuremberg" was based on), the Pohl trial, the Flick trial, the I. G. Farbern trial, the Hostages trial, the RuSHA trial, the Einsatzgruppen trial, the Krupp trial, the Ministries trial and the High Command trial. The British and Polish also held their own trials.

Who became kapos in the holocaust?

they would prefer violent criminals (green triangle) or political prisoners (red triangle).

What are The subsequent trials from 1946-1949 in Nuremberg?

Trial of the Major War Criminals , Dachau Trials , Auschwitz Trial , Belsen Trial , Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials , Mauthausen-Gusen camp trials , Ravensbrück Trial , Doctors' Trial , Milch Trial , Judges' Trial , Pohl Trial , Flick Trial , IG Farben Trial , Hostages Trial , RuSHA Trial , Einsatzgruppen Trial , Krupp Trial , Ministries Trial , High Command Trial .

Is there another Holocaust going on right now?

No, there is only one Holocaust. There are many persecutions going on, but calling them Holocaust denigrates the name Holocaust. Holocaust is not a name to be used loosely, it refers to that specific wipeout of Jews.

Where were Nazi leaders put on trail for their role in the holocaust?

The trial was held in Nuremburg, Germany.

What happened to the perpetrators of the holocaust?

Some were arrested and put on trial while others escaped.

Why were the Nuremberg people on trial?

The Nuremberg trials prosecuted the Nazi war criminals of World War 2.

What were the people made to work hard at concentration camps during holocaust called?

criminals, inmates, prisoners - take your pick.

What were two methods for deciding the guilt or innocence of accused criminals in the Early Middle Ages?

Two methods were: - trial by ordeal, in which the accused had to pass a dangerous test, like thrown into a well, and - trial by combat, in which he had to fight to prove his innocence. The two methods for deciding the guilt or innocence of accused criminals in the early middle ages were trial by combat or ordeal.

Where does the name Holocaust come from?

Holocaust is the Greek word for Fire

What are the similarties between early Indian removal and the trial of tears with the Nazi Holocaust?

The leaders of both the holocaust and the Indian removal act both had bad childhoods.

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