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Fish and chips

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When was United Kingdoms created?

United Kingdoms was created in 1993-08.

Two smaller kingdoms that were united by King Ferdinand and queen isabella?

In 1469, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon were united by the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand. Although the kingdoms were united, they remained largely independent.

What is the meaning of the united kingdoms flag?

the united kingdom

Why are the kingdoms of Yoruba and Benin famous?

They were famous for their art

What two kingdoms can use energy from the sun to make food?

the two kingdoms are the mosses and plant kingdoms.

Which king conquered and united several smaller kingdoms to form Mali?

Sundiata conquered and united several smaller kingdoms to form Mali.

Why did United Kingdoms join the Allies?

i think that they are

What is the United Kingdoms biggest city?


What are the united kingdoms cultural traits?


Who united the 12 kingdoms of Mali?


Who is the united kingdoms youngest magician?


Who united all the kingdoms together?

The Government

What is the name of the united kingdoms legislature?


Did the Maya kingdoms united?

No, they were independent polities.

Who was the first pharoahs and the leader who united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt?

the first pharaoh that united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt is Menes (king). He wore a double crown to show that the two kingdoms were together

What is united kingdoms largest lake?

The united kingdom doesn't have any lakes

What is the united kingdoms state animal?

The United Kingdom doesn't have a state animal.

What does the Civil Aviation Authority do?

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which is located in the United Kingdoms. The job of the CAA is to regulate all aspects of aviation in the United Kingdoms.

How many united kingdoms can fit in china?

The United Kingdom is 243,610 km2 while China is 9,596,961 km2. That means that just over 39 United Kingdoms would fit inside of China.

What is the United Kingdoms most important industry?


What is united kingdoms lowest temperature?

This website is useless!

How does the united kingdoms government influence the economy?


What is the United Kingdoms international phone prefix?


What is the united kingdoms main employment?

service industries

What are the names of the two kingdoms that united?

Scotland and England