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What is the use of a flask?

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use to hold liquids ang chemicals

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What is the use of erlemeyer flask?

the use of erlenmeyer flask is for gas generation

Use of flask?

A flask is a container for liquids. It is similar to a bottle.

Laboratory equipment use to measure large quantities of liquids?

>> Beaker >> Filtering Flask >> Erlenmayer Flask >> Florence Flask >> Volumetric Flask P.s Lynne (i forgot the last flask)

Do you use titrant in conical flask?

yes we use titrant in the conical flask ,this is because titrant is a solution we use in burrete for titration in this process we titrant the solution in the conical flask along with an indicator

What is the use of an evaporator flask?

Is a flask you use to separate liquids from solids and it has a long neck which is the one in charge to evaporate.

What is the use of filtering flask?

The filtering flask is used to collect the solution resulted from a filtration.

What can you use to secure a flask from falling?

A rubber band can be used to secure a flask from falling.

How can you use the Erlenmeyer Flask in a sentence?

An Erlenmeyer Flask is commonly used for chemistry experiements.

What is the round bottom flask use for in chemistry?

The round bottom flask is used frequently for distillation.

Use a sentence with the word flask?

She lived in the moment and drank freely from the flask of life's finest adventures. I am on a quest to retrieve yon flask. huh??

Round Bottomed flask use?

A round bottomed flask is a boiling flask. It is hooked to a condensing apparatus and a burner is placed under the round bottom.

What is the use of the flask in the laboratory?

Laboratory flask of different types are designed to contain liquids in larger volumes.

How do you use a flat bottomed flask?


Why is an Erlenmeyer flask better to use than a volumetric flask?

I my experience the Erlenmeyer flask is better for certain things than others.... what I mean is that is has labeled measurements on the side and the increments are based on the size of the flask but the volumetric flask is better is you want to dilute a solution at a certain volume to find....molarity they both have good qualities it just depends on what you want to use it for.

How do you use the word flask in a sentence?

You should always be cautious when heating chemicals in a flask. The glass flask containing phosphoric acid was soon leaking its contents onto the floor.

What use of erlen meyer flask?

what is the use of erlen meyer fasks

What is the use fluorescent flask?

Any use exist, it is probable an error.

What is a distilling flask and how is it used?

A distilling flask is a round bottom flask that often has two openings, and some of them have a long is used for distillation processes. See the Web Links to the left for pictures and more information about how to use a distilling flask.

When it is preferable to use a plastic volumetric flask instead of glass flask?

The plastic flask is needed for trace analysis on analytes at ppb levels that might be lost by adsorption on the glass surface.

What is the use of boiling flask?

Used for boiling operations.

Who would use a aluminum flask?

People who drink

How do clean an erlenmeyer flask?

Use a bottle brush.

What instrument do you use to find liters?

A measuring flask.

What would you use to measure mL?

A graduated flask.

How do you measure 6.9 quarts?

Use a calibrated flask.