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1898 copper ten dollar of us dollar?

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Q: What is the value of 1898 ten dollar gold coin?
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Is there a one dollar us gold 1898 coin?

No, the last 1 dollar gold coin was made in 1889.

1926 ten dollar gold coin value?

1926 ten dollar gold coin value

What is the value of the gold color one dollar coin?

A "one dollar" coin has the value of one dollar!

What is the value of a 1898-S ten dollar gold coin?

Current retail values of circulated examples are $800.00 to $925.00

What the value of 1845 gold 5 dollar coin?

value of 1845 us five dollar coin

What is gold content of a 1898 twenty dollar gold coin?

The Actual Gold Weight (AGW) is .96750oz of pure gold

What is the value of a Sacajawea 2000 gold dollar coin?

one dollar!

What is the value of a fifty dollar 1940 US gold coin?

There was no fifty dollar US gold coin produced in 1940.

What is the value of a 1898 one dollar gold liberty coin?

There were no gold coins of that denomination made in 1898; if you have one, it may not be real gold and it may have been designed as a promotional item. Perhaps you mean a silver dollar. These were called Morgan silver dollars, after their designer, George T. Morgan. In poor condition, this coin is valued at about $31, and in excellent condition, it can bring as much as $331. Or maybe you are asking about a gold coin of another amount-- there was a gold coin in 1898, the Liberty $2.5 dollar denomination. One of these in perfect condition can be worth as much as $447.

What is the value of a 1891CC gold piece in graded AU58?

As of September 1st 2012>>That depends on the denomination:5 dollar gold coin: $1,22010 dollar gold coin: $2,46020 dollar gold coin: $23,080These values will change slightly as the value of gold changes.

What is the value of grant on a gold coin?

One dollar.

How much is a 1898 20.00 gold coin?

Asumming the coin is circulated, value is $1,320.00-$1,460.00

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